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software updates ??????

Tesla periodically provides updates in the middle of the night when my car is off and in my garage.

HOW the heck do they do it???

Kept me awake last night thinking about this.


You are connected by 3g all the time.

There are many other things Tesla knows about your car, your use of the car, and your driving habits that would probably also keep you up at... :P

It's never really off. It's just pretending.

THE MACHINES ARE LEARNING. But seriously, i'm still at 4.5 firmware, how can I force them to update me?

@ geodan = ?!@!@#?@!??

@geodan Something in this story is amiss... Or at least, missing. ;)


1. When was your last visit to your local SC? They certainly would move you up to current.

2. Do you have wifi where you park? My experience is that when there's a new update being discussed, my car does not prompt for it until I insure its on my wifi connection. Then it seems to trigger the prompt. Not every time, but more often than not.

3. 4.5? Really? That was a summer '13 version. You've not been prompted or at a SC since before July '13? You need to call Ownership and mention it to them. I suspect they could queue you up for an OTA G3 update since you are so "old".


Do you still have a circular dial on your home phone ? You might have somehow timeshifted to the mid-1970's in your little corner of the universe.


My parents have a couple of dial phones plugged in. They're in the basement and don't get used much, but they still work.

I have moved on to a 2500 set (touch tone, but with a pair of real bells for a ringer).

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