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Some Swap Details from a Reuters Interview with Elon

Here is a link for a reuters interview where Elon talks about many things including the swapping many times. He says that it will be surprisingly quick, have better tech than Better Place, be availible based on demand, so possibly at every supercharger eventually, it will have a compelling pricing, and finally that you won't have to get out of your car. The rest of the interview is worth watching too.

Here is the link:

@jk - Sometimes holding companies make sense for small entities for the reasons you listed above. TSLA is a large-cap stock. SCTY is a mid-cap stock. SpaceX is privately held and has been cash-flow positive for at least 4 years. None of these companies need the reasons you site above. They are all self-sustaining. In fact both SCTY and TSLA had VERY successful capital raises on their own very recently. The way of the conglomerate is an entity of the past unless the companies are in similar industries. Most companies are better focused and managed when they specialize in 1 industry. All of these 3 entities are drastically different so there are very few opportunities for them to scale off of each other. Besides, SCTY and TSLA already work together just fine while being separate companies.

Tom A

I guess it doesn't matter that this discussion has gotten so far off topic, since the thread is pretty duplicative anyway. Still . . .

Elon has previously speculated about combining TM and SpaceX in a holding company.

In the interview, I half expected him to say, "Build it and they will come," and "You have to show consumers what they want." :D

Which is exactly what he's done.

Lady, next time you interview a billionaire can you please make an effort to, you know, wash your hair, shower, etc.?

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She wasn't a very dynamic interviewer, was she? I felt like they gave him the intern, with the pros sitting around if she needed help.

Her questions made no sense - she was using terms she didn't understand and her questions were so circular that I often lost the point of her question completely. At one point, Elon didn't understand one or more of her questions either and had to ask her to repeat. I wanted to watch the whole thing but could only get through the first 5-10 minutes. She was very painful to watch, and even more painful to listen to. She looks like a serial killer.

LOL. I agree!

@ AmpedRealtor and kbackman

The interviewer is Sarah Mcbride, a Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) 2013 award winner in Technology for her piece, :Silicon Valley's Dirty Secret: Age Bias". She worked for the WSJ for 14 years before Reuters, where she covers venture capital and tech fields in San Francisco. I'd be inclined to believe she's not an intern. Contrary to your opinions, I actually thought she did a pretty decent job. She obviously did some research ahead of time, seemingly not to common among reporters lately, and asked open-ended relevant questions. In no way did I find her painful to watch or listen to. Of course, I was mostly paying attention to Elon and may have missed her pull out the machete. :)

typo: make that "too common"...

@TI Sailor +1

@Tom A "Trading" stock is like gambling in a casino. You depend on only luck and your odds are always less than 50%. Buying stock for the purpose of invest in good companies is like to be the casino owner. You will much more likely to make profit in the long run.

Two of the best stock investors ever lived, Peter Lynch and Warrant Buffet, followed pretty much the same philosophy. Buy only companies you know (and know well) and never trade on short term variation because no one knows what it will be.

@TI Sailor +1

I would wonder if she is just chronically severely sleep deprived and/or undernourished. I've seen Elon looking like that and was happy to see him looking quite well in this video. me she looks like the typical Realtor :)

Perhaps she's ideologically opposed to the "attractive TV female reporter" stereotype, and is making a statement. But I also thought her questioning was both well-researched and sympathetic. She brought up a number of common misconceptions/questions simply because they are so common, but in the spirit of helping to dispel the misconceptions, rather that reinforce them.

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