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Sunroof Wind Noise/Air Leak-- Input needed

Below 50MPH the cabin is quiet, but above 50MPH and especially above 70MPH there is a huge amount of intermittent wind noise coming from the sunroof when it is "closed". It seems pretty obvious that there is an air leak somewhere. Tesla tried to swap out the seal around the sunroof in the front aspect, which did nothing to improve it.

I've seen some posts about having Tesla Service adjust the height that the windows go up to better seal the cabin. I'm awaiting the next step from Tesla Service and wanted to see if anyone has encountered similar wind noise (unacceptably high, obvious) at higher speeds and how they had it fixed.

Any information would be appreciated.


Hello I have a tesla S and I have the same issue
Sam any solution you know ?

same here

same here

So far the Service Center has tried to adjust airflow in/around the sunroof by injecting a Silicone sealer into 4 areas. There has a been a small improvement but not much, which is frustrating. The next step is to try to seal more areas. If that doesn't solve it I am considering sending the car back to the factory. At present, over 60MPH it basically sounds like the sunroof is slightly vented with a distrubing nearly constant "whoosh" coming through.

Would love to hear if anyone has been able to get this issue resolved.

Having the same problem. Planning to bring my car out to White Plains this week and see what they can do. Frankly, this is the only problem I find inexcusable in the car.

The solution is easy, eliminate the air leak; however, the major challenge is finding or identifying each and every place there is not a tight seal between the glass and rubber seals. It only takes a microscopic wrinkle, depression, or imperfection in the seal to permit a lot of noise to be generated.

I have not noticed a similar noise, as I bet many other owners have not either; therefore, this leads me to suspect either an imperfection in the window seal material, poor installation, and/or the window is not closing as tight as possible. First troubleshooting step would to have the service center verify you're getting a tight seal on closure. Then, assuimng the window is tightly sealed, I would request the service center carefully replace the seal and see if that eliminates the problem. If not, then more detailed acoustical testing needs to be performed by a trained professional, possibly in a wind tunnel, but that is beyond the scope of the service center.

Let us know what transpires.

Or apply a soap solution to the outside rim of the sunroof, put the fan on high, and watch for bubbles. :)

It is more than just the seal. The front edge of the roof actually lifts up at speeds above 70-80 mph thus causing the noise. Opening and closing the roof at lower speeds minimizes the problem for a while. It appears there isn't enough pull down force on the roof when it is closed. I could change the noise by pushing up on the front of the glass. I could easily feel the roof move. I've never had this problem on any other sunroof equipped car.

I was able to make the noise come at lower speeds just by pushing up on the front of the sunroof glass. I am going to need a suction cup on the inside to try pulling down to prove my theory.

I have the exact same problem. Tesla remotely tried to fix the problem by resetting the sunroof opening and closing pressure, but it still didn't work. Plan to bring the car in for service in a couple weeks. Will update.

@GregTimbers - that is a good find, so it is not the seal material, but the pressure maintained against the material by the glass. TM needs to improve the window pressure against the rubber somehow. I was just speculating on likely suspect, but seal integrity is critical as you found out. thanks

It seems like there is a lot of problems with the sunroof of the tesla s
The wind noise described in this thread, and the crackling noise described in another thread (which comes when owners have opened the sunroof 100% and back.

Seems like a gamble to choose a model with sunroof as I thought I would.
Now considering to drop the sunroof....

No problems here.

Noted loud squeaks and creaks in the Pano roof on the Dallas Get Amped car as well, and that was in April, 2013.

Odd that this problem hasn't been addressed as such a large roof opening is just asking for problems . . . .

I'm going with a solid roof for that reason, and the solar gain here in Texas.

Have the same problem including an air leak on the driver side window. Taking mine in next month to see if they can resolve the issue. Will updater after my service.

I think the air leak is so much mor obvious with a silent car. I had a leak from the passenger small window. they tightened this up. I am now noticing a leak again from that side as well as some air leak at higher speeds. This is not a big deal to me, as it is not so bad. passenger side may need to be tightened up again though.

I have had model s for one week. Noticed the sund problem the first day. It appears that the front portion of the sunroof is not flush with the center bar or the back panel when closed. It is bowed in the middle and rises approximately one quarter inch off what would be the flush line. Have an appointment at the end of the week. A friend received his car two weeks ago. The two panels are flush on his car and he has no or very little noise ... We rode both cars together. From this thread, seems like this is a pretty significant problem. When my car was delayed two weeks at the end of march, beginning of April, the rep indicated they we retooling certain aspects of the factory. At any rate, if it cannot be fixed, does anyone know if we can request a swap to a car without a sunroof.


Just wondering if anyone has had this problem resolved? I have had my Model S for about 1.5 months and noticed last week that there seemed to be a lot of wind noise when I drove around 70 mph or higher. I kept checking that the windows were fully closed. This weekend, while my husband was driving the car, I noticed that it seemed to be coming from the passenger side of the sunroof. I couldn't feel any air leaking through, but when we got home i took a closer look and there was definitely a difference in a portion seal at the front of the sunroof where it closes near the passenger side. It looked like the seal was pushed down a little in one area so there was more of a gap between the roof and the glass, whereas in other areas the seal closed it off. I opened the sunroof, was able to push up the seal a bit, closed the sunroof and confirmed the seal was now closing off the gap. While driving to work today, the cabin was much quieter.

no problem with mine when closed. if you drive with the roof completely open over 50 mph will get a rumble sound and buffeting. the solution is to open the roof only 80% at these speeds and cracking the rear windows a bit will help too. the manual should have included this information.

I have not experienced this problem. Lucky me I guess.

I had no issues at all with wind noise with my Sunroof but then I heard a loud banging creaking something bad sound and the sound has been there ever since! I assume whatever shook or broke loose has cause the problem for me.

Hello Folks...

It seems that the leading edge of the pano roof site higher than the plastic piece just above the windscreen which may explain why wind noise is being heard above certain speeds. A remedy to the problem would be small design change in one of two things:

* The plastic piece about the windscreen could be a little more rounded to deflect the wind above the leading edge of the pano roof

* The other could be a design change in the gasket for the pano roof. TM could design the font portion of the gasket with a slight upward rake so wind would not get under the glass.

For you current owners please share what TM has done to remedy the problem.

My MS went in for service to address several issues, including the excessive wind noise from the sunroof. They kept the car almost a week longer than planned trying to get the sunroof wind noise fixed after the other problems had been addressed. They delivered the car, saying that the sunroof was finally fixed. Unfortunately, it sounds the same as before. During the 2 weeks my car was in for service, I had a loaner P85, almost identical to my car, with a VIN about 1100 higher than mine. I put 800 miles on the loaner, most of it at highway speeds, and it was noticeably quieter than my MS (though it still had some wind noise). The first time my wife rode in the loaner on the highway, she commented about how much quieter it was.
So, it will be going back for service. I don't mind driving the loaner, but I miss my HOV sticker.

My Model S is very quiet in terms of wind noise. However, there has been one exception that I wrote about on another thread:

One day, a couple of weeks ago, I opened the pano roof at highway speeds. I left it open for a few minutes, then closed it while still on the highway. And when closed at highway speeds, I experienced very noticeable wind noise! I pulled off at the next exit, fully stopped the car, then opened the pano roof 100%, then closed it 100%. When I got back on the highway, wind noise was completely gone.

Defin. Wind noise around 70-80mph. Brought it in, still not fixed. Hope they figure this one out!

My roof doesn't seal properly when closed due to a broken guide "nipple" on on side of the track. Couldn't see it until they took the glass out. Part is ordered and the entire roof will need to be removed and then reset once the part is replaced. It is detected also when the roof is open and you stand behind the car and can notice one side of the opened glass rests on the car and the other side is properly elevated. It would seat better while driving if I crack a window open and en shut the roof. Sometimes I had to shut the roof then "vent" and then shut for tight sealing. Should be in for the part second half if this week.

Same problem with mine. Its very annoying and makes me think if I'd known this I would not have opted for the sunroof. Turns a very quite car into a very noisy car at high speed. Door windows are fine though!

Any updates on this?

Just heard this weekend from Tesla that they have a fix. A new seal I think. I'm bringing mine in next week.

Excited since this has been the only real problem I've had at all.

I brought my car in about three weeks ago to deal with the pano roof wind problem. After getting it back the noise improved, but it's still there. Someone earlier suggested trying a suction cup to see if downward pressure would help. I have a strong suction cup, so I tried this out. At high speeds when I can hear the wind, pulling down on the suction cup makes a big difference.

I'll bring the car back in but not sure if they can fix the issue if downward pressure is what's required.

We also have the sunroof air noise. Tesla service replaced the seal last week and it still is noisy at 70mph. We also reported several other problems that were not fixed. What's worse is that the service people left greasy finger prints on the headliner, put several nicks in the leather interior and dented the door handle. These problems were never pointed out to me by the service department when I picked up the car.
I spoke with them last week and I was told to call them back this week. So far after 3 calls no one has called me back. I am becoming very disillusioned with Tesla cars and their service.

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