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Supercharger access for 60kWh pack included. Thanks TM!

Might be old news but it is always good to share the joy. I noticed on the option page that Supercharger hardware now shows included in the 60kWh pack. Very good news for all of us futur TMS 230 owners and for the others as well as more traffic to those Supercharger stations should be a motivator to add locations.

It doesn't say if Iwe will have to pay our electricity consumption at Supercharger stations or if we will have to pay for access. Moreover, it would be interesting to see how much time it takes to fill up the tank... is it straight math compared to 85kWh.

Thanks for this good news TM


Not old news at all - I just placed my order 2 days ago and the Design Studio definitely still said Supercharger hardware was "Optional" and unpriced. I had a conversation with order assistance about when I would find out the cost, I guess I wasn't the only confused customer! Way to go TM making things simpler.

+1. Yay, this is great news.

+1 I'm probably still going 85kWh but I'm very pleased to see. Thank you TM.

+1. Awesome news!

I am getting the 230 mile battery pack and have decided to get the supercharger hardware. Now that the hardware is included, I will include the panoramic roof instead.

Thanks pbrulott for bringing to our attention.

And thanks a lot Tesla!!!

This is great. Now all they need to do is add it to the 40kwh pack so we do not need to explain to iMiev owners why we don't have it.

Not gonna happen. The 40 pack just can't handle that much power IMHO.


That is what I think too. No doubt Tesla is more concerned about the 40 kWh battery owners complaining of short life and the bad publicity than they are about the complaints from not having supercharge access. There would also be complaints about not enough superchargers in the network because the 40 kWh pack would require them to be closer together.

Fantastic News!

It's wonderful...and I just read on another thread that Tesla will be including the removable center console at no extra cost. I looked at the specs page as well as other pages and couldn't find anything about it, but if true, I am impressed daily with how Tesla operates. Honesty and fairness do count with this company. It is honorable. A real class act just like their product.

bsimoes, maybe i spoke a bit out of turn, but there will be an accessory shelf for sundries, maybe not the entire console accessory:

Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted! Honestly, I fall in the "no console" camp. I figure that there is so much room in the car, that a console just doesn't matter to me. I am so excited to finally have a place to put my pocketbook other than on the passenger's seat--which works fine, until I have a passenger!

There may be a possibility to add the super charger ability to the 40Kw battery by adding a piece of hardware that reduces the juice (power) going into the car. With the smaller battery you could probably still add about 80 to 100 miles in 30 to 40 minutes but you would need s fancy adapter that might be to large or heavy to just throw in the trunk. I don't think it is as easy to reduce power for a DC output as it is for A/C.

Maybe in the future rather than buy the second charger you could opt for the super charger adapter in place on the charger.

Just my thoughts.

s = a

I don't think "adding" supercharger hardware was ever an option (i.e., an add-on). It's a direct DC bypass of the converters, and is either built-in, or not. So the 60kwh battery was either built to accept it, or not. The linkage is part of the standard TM plug.

So now, AFAIK, all 60 & 85kwh cars will have Supercharging. No "options" necessary or possible.

P.S. It's also not relevant to home charging. I doubt anyone has 440V service to make it possible, anyhow.

bsimoes, where did you "read on another thread that Tesla will be including the removable center console at no extra cost"? Thanks.

It was an error. Someone confused the new tray under the screen for the CCI in GB's comments.

Before you thank Tesla too much at the TMC Forum is following discussion:

Mainly it says that the 85kw Battery has the hardware to supercharge and is enabled. The 65kw Battery has the hardware but you'll have to pay to enable it. And the 45kw Battery is too fragile to handle supercharging.

@ChristianG, It is still not known for certain whether there will be any additional charges for the 60kwh cars to use the superchargers either via an enabling fee or a per use fee. Those discussions on TMC are speculation and rumor as are so many bits of information floating around these forums. Nothing has as yet been confirmed. It may or may not be true. We need to wait for Tesla to officially clarify the situation which they will undoubtedly do at an appropriate time. The good news that we can bank on at this point is that whatever hardware is needed for supercharging will come standard with the 60 kwh cars.

If you go to design studio it says "optional" in top, but at the bottom supercharger is checked and can't be unselected with no price tag. Also it says that it is "standard" in options and pricing -page.

That can obviously still change, but it looks like current situation is that it will be included as standard for 60kWh batteries.

+1 ddruz

I guess I should withdraw my post following Tesla's disturbing change on hardware inclusion for 60kWh pack.

The hardware is still there. Activation/tuning is separate.

BrianH, the hardware is there or the first couple of 60kWh cars as mentionned by GB. They didn't know if those reservation holder would go for the SC option or not. Since the HW is there they offered to pay only $1K for SW and access.

However, for new config, the $2K option will decide if the HW is included or not. And from what I understand, adding it later will not be possible.

Did I misread GB's answers?


That's also how I interpreted things. Unless they've already built your car, you only get the SC HW if you buy the option going forward.

Thanks tesla.mrspaghet...

I think that is the very reason why people are unhappy

pbrolott and t.m.;
You both misread GB again. Here's from his latest posting:

"exactly what we were doing…including the hardware necessary in both 60 and 85 kWh cars to allow Supercharging in the future. We then verbally communicated that access would be free for 85 kWh cars, and there would be an activation fee for 60 kWh cars."

For new orders, the h/w is there in all 60s and 85s; the TM production line is standardized to include it. But it's $2K to activate for the 60s.

@Brian H

It wouldn't be the first time I've ever been wrong, but what you're suggesting doesn't make any sense.

GB says the hardware costs $1k and the software/calibration another $1k. So if you buy the option for $2k, you get both. Why include a $1k option for those who don't pay for it?

I think you're mistaken.

Is it possible that TM is only adding hardware portion to those that have finalized their order and going forward they will only add it if the $2K is option is selected?

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