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I don't think I am the only future Tesla S owner that has an addiction to hourly/daily/weekly Tesla updates of any size. I Google Tesla to see what I can find, I'm on the Tesla Club site to see if I can find any new topic or even just a small update on a topic. The worst is this forum site, even if I have only a few minutes at my office I'm checking updates. This addiction is driving me crazy, please get me my car! But then again will delivery of my car cause an extreme Overdose? Yikes!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't get much better after you get the car. Still scanning the forums, now looking for issues which I need to be aware of, or looking for tips and updates on new features. I should be in bed now; instead on this website!

@dysong1 +1

And my new game is laughing at all the car commercials, as if there is any other car I'd rather have.

Anyone know if TM plans on advertising?

TM will advertise only when they dare try to cope with the orders that would result. I expect the floods of new owner-evangelists will keep the orders coming for some time. Maybe forever.

I too am obsessed. Once I found out that I could get the car... man I am on this site everyday, along with teslamotorsclub. I also frequent Youtube for new videos of the Model S.

I dont mind tho.

+! dysong1
I am still reading this after getting my car back in Oct!
actually you learn a lot of stuff here too, it can be very useful. e.g. I learned that you program the Homelink by putting the remote inside the frunk center 1 in from the bumper to program, worked like magic after not able to program mine for months outside like the manual said.

I'm so glad this got bumped.

It's a good insanity check... Yes, I mean INsanity...

Maybe I can "drive it off"?

I've had the car for a month and I'm still here every day. 'Addiction' is certainly a good description.

I'm another addict here. I used to read apple news now I can't stop reading Tesla forums. Ever since I put my deposit in December I check these forums at least 8-10 times per day. It's sick. I just can't wait for delivery which will hopefully be next month. This waiting is the worst. I agree that we should get delivery updates as it would be so much easier than searching through delivery threads to try to figure out when my car will be done. I was also hoping this addiction would cease once I got delivery but its not looking good for me based on what everyone's saying. I need help.

Agree with all being said in this thread. Me too a Tesla addict. I have found that the Forums are extremely helpful to learn more about my MS. I think it is even better than Tesla's official manual for it is fun, informative and practical. I love the Tesla Forums!

There are well-defined stages of addiction. The unfortunate individual moves from use to abuse to addiction. Addicts share many traits, for example: They worry about their "supply"; They become anxious and agitated if they don't have their frequent "fix"; They tend to congregate with others who are similarly addicted.

Since making my reservation in December, I have moved quickly through the stages until now I am a full-blown MS Forum (MSF) Addict. I cannot go through a full day without spending at least two hours reading posts. I am frantic that I might miss a post to some favorite topic. My anxiety ranges from whether my EZPass transponder will work, to whether I'll have the right charging adapter for any situation. Only frequent MSF injections will ease my symptoms. Now I have a delivery window in early March. My God, it's worse than ever!

For many addicts, a 12-step program is the answer, but no such program exists for MSF. Perhaps the mental health community could create such a program. We might even see medical insurance coverage.

But wait! Could it be that having the MS in one's garage will curb one's appetite for MSF? Will going out and sitting behind the wheel have the same effect?

Please, those of you who have your cars, is this the answer? Or are all MSF addicts simply doomed to give in to it and say "I don't want to be cured!"


To answer your question, the only thing I can say is that once you have your MS (I have had my MS since last December), your addiction will become even worse. There is NO WAY to be cured. I bet you would agree with me after the March delivery of your MS.

bradslee - Is that good news or bad?

rdloftin1, if you look at this way that your addiction will enlighten your life with your MS, then it is good news. However, you will spend more time than you can imagine on the Forums and impel with vigor to go to the Forums everyday. That would be a bad news. So you figure it up.

As a person who checks in here frequently--There are "positive" addictions.

The main reason I come back to the forums is I never feel like I have driven my S enough. Since I can't literally drive all day I get my fix by coming to the message boards. I actually look forward to running errands so I have a reason to drive.

Break your shopping lists up by category, and just shop for one category at a time, picking distinct neighborhoods renowned for each. Post a shopping list B-Board at home, with sub-headings, and encourage ad lib entries. Etc.

@Brian H great idea! lol


No need for TM to do paid advertising. Happy customers is the best advertisers they can possibly get. Enthusiastic MS owners and word of mouth. Besides their production volume is still low and they cannot even cope with existing orders. I am so ready to throw my money at them for my P85 but can only hope for best case August delivery I am told! The best hope here in "cold and perpetual dark" Norway :-)

I like to hear other companies having to add qualifiers in their advertising. "The most fuel efficient Full line auto maker...." Or "Auto Digest's car of the year!"

Talk about addiction while waiting. I have just received my Model S 4 days ago and am totally in love. It is crazy amazingly fantastic! For years, I was looked down upon when I had to bring my 11 year old 325 BMW to service because I didn't switch my car every 2 years as the dealers wanted.

Yesterday, I had to pick up a small part for my old car and parked my Tesla right in front of the dealer. It was fun to watch the open mouths of the dealers. Their cars are more expensive and way behind Tesla when it comes to technology.

I used to be a BMW fan but the company had the money to make "Tesla" like car but didn't because they are in bed with oil companies.

WE also have an X3 and I drove it today. After driving Tesla, the BMW felt like a lawnmower, suspension rough, shifting jerky... Funny how a perception can shift.

Thank you all at Tesla to inspire me to go for my dreams! You rock!

BMW and every other major know that if they also did a super job of creating an EV, they would torpedo their own business model, and the "service cycle" of the dealers. It's a genuine canoodledrum.

Your description just gave me an image of Norsemen enviously eying, and then raiding, the brighter & warmer parts of the world -- which was/is basically everywhere. ;)

They did that in past already. Hope that viking blood has diluted enough that they don't do it again...

Isn't there a 10 step program for Teslaholics. I need it, badly.

Step 1: You are powerless over your Tesla Model S thoughts.

Step 2: Believe that there is a power greater than you that can help...and it is not Elon Musk.

Step 3: Make the decision to turn your thoughts over to that higher power....and not your 40 Amp wall charger.

Step 4: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself..or you can just count the number of cars you have had over the past decade (that's a good start).

Step 5: Admit to someone your wrongs...but don't admit to your wife/spouse or else she or he will give you more shit for reserving or buying the Model S.

Step 6: Be ready for your higher power to get rid of all your character defects around this car.... or not, and keep obsessing.

Step 7: Humbly ask your higer wattage, I mean power, to remove these shortcomings.

Step 8: Made a list of all the persons we have harmed in this obsessed state of mind and get ready to make amends to them.

Step 9: Make amends to all people we need to, and get rid of that Tesla grin before doing so.

Step 10, 11, and 12: Say sorry to people when you blow by them in the Model S. Thank your higher power that you are in a place to even have this damn car. Give back to people...test drives!

Enjoy your OCD free life

Only if you have the shakes and DTs.


I hardly came to this site while waiting for my MS. Now i'm here every spare minute.Got mine in December it's crazy. Somebody shut down this site please.

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

Brian H

The only business leader I can think of who was willing to Torpedo there own business products was Steve Jobs. He realized that someone is going to do it so why not be the one to make your own products obsolete.

BMW and others are like RIM (now BlackBerry), they will sit on their hands until new products like the iPhone (or MS) obliterate their world and have them clinging for life.

Go Tesla!


Just wait and see... warming up to it ;-)

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