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Tesla Model S versus BMW i8

Several days ago a Tesla Model S meets a BMW i8. See yourself.

I want my 52 seconds back.


The first i8 crashed at high speed in Germany. A prototype..

Only 200,000 Euro for the i8 prototype (hybrid drive train) to go from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

Hmm, the P85 can do 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds for less than half the price with a single EV drive train.

A 2+2 vs. 5+2, which one is more practical?

I like to compare cars when they are for sale...

I am sure the word "Practical" was never used in the vocabulary of the design team building the i8. It is a $200,000 sports car. No one buys them for their "practicality". That would be like judging a Model S on how well it fits in small parking spaces. It was never in the design of the car.

Actually, BMW says the i8 will start at $135k; I doubt you'll be able to option it up to $200k.

Until we have independent instrumented testing, I'm withholding my opinion of the car. Well, except for the styling, which is cool.

The "five ways the i8 is better than the MS" link in the comments was pretty funny to read!
My chuckle for the day...;-)

"The "five ways the i8 is better than the MS" link in the comments was pretty funny to read!"

I'll say. Wow. Some angry readers in there. :-)

What were the 5 ways? All comments are gone, now.

i8 = range crippled performance enhanced Volt with jazzed up styling.

20 miles AER (All Electric Range)? Fail.

I'm still waiting for Tesla's real competition. I wonder when we will finally see that. It is amazing just how far ahead they really are.

I think I commented the first time the link was posted, but the two cars bear no comparison at all. I do personally think the i8 looks fantastic and I'm sure it drives beautifully, plus I'll bet my left nut that the quality of the interior would put MS to shame.

But I couldn't care less. The MS is revolutionary. It's what I want and it suits my needs in every way. The i8 could be half the price of an MS, but I'd still be buying the Tesla.

As for the article itself, it's a pile of ill informed shite.

Until there is another car with 200 mile BEV range we should refrain from using the words competition or comparison.

As for the i8 styling it just does not do it for me. Too transformer like.

This is not an electric car, it is a plug in Hybrid. Toyota does not call their plug in hybrid an EV. It is better than the Fisker. No one gets it, but a few; BMW and the big three need to produce a pure EV that goes 200 plus miles. Only 4% opted for the 160 mile Model S, this should tell them that they need to step up a put in a large battery. Hybrids are too complex; imagine needing service for a 135K Hybrid, BMW no less.

Yes Yes, it is crap, when compared to Tesla. But think of the lovely awkward moments coming to BMW's internal structures, when the simpleton lower end EVs the i team makes, outperform their M unit's offerings...

Appreciate the irony in that :)

@Lycanthrope: +1

Yes, Germany's other big export: schadenfreude

Why is it that people don't get that unless a vehicle comes on the market that is truly comparable to the S they should stop comparing apples to oranges.

Still Grinning ;-)

+1 Cat t man. The fact that the MS out accelerates the M5, cost relatively next to nothing to maintain, no premium gas cost, etc. has to be flat out embarrassing to BMW. Anyone know far one can go on a tank of gas in an M5? I'd imagine it's inline with the S85. They along with everyone else is now going to have to start to play catch up.

I think it will be a while before you see a "real" competitor to the MS (i.e. a performance sedan with seating for 5). I don't think any ICE manufacturer wants to bring one to market as it will eat into their lucrative ICE revenue--face it, BMW will never bring a BEV or hybrid M5 to market anytime soon, even if they could. Instead, you will continue to get these weird/niche vehicles.

I don't think you will see any movement on this until they start to feel the pain in their core revenue.


An m5 can go about 337 miles on a tank. It's 30% more efficient than the v10 m5, it gets 14 city 20 highway, combined 16 mpg, 21.1 gal tank. Man the v10 must be a real pig. About $80 to fill up, about .25 cents a mile, just in fuel. A model S is about .03 cents in electricity.

I think the majors are trapped by the high cost of the specialty automotive cells they're using for the battery. Putting 60-100kWh capacity in a car would be ruinously pricey.

... all that being said, I think the i8 is beautiful, in a "Tron meets lamborhini" kind of way.

*Ack! Lamborghini *

Completely impractical in every way, though.

Rear is OK but front is Bangle ugly... Beached whale.. And an ugly specimen at that..

I do think the i8 is sexy, but that's about all that's exceptional about it. In that sense, it's a lot like a Maserati.

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