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Tesla Motors Club

I'd like to join the Tesla Motors Club, but I'm stymied by the "Random question" Fill in the blank: "The Model S is a type of ____."

Anybody willing to share the answer (or maybe this is one of those situations where "If you're too dumb to know the answer, you have no right to belong")?


Stealthy-quiet electric rocket on wheels.


I used 'car' and it seemed to work.


curved letter



I'm going with 'addiction'
+1 hf

Shop, I used "car" and it didn't work. Has anyone else tried something that worked?

Success! EV works -- thanks psirnes

Same question, two answers where one worked for "shop" and one for "rdloftin1" suggests that there are several "right" answers and it only accepts one at any given time.

I would have tried BEV myself (Battery Electric Vehicle).

isn't it a "TESLA" the Rodster was the other type...

I'm looking for a Tesla Car Club in the San Fernando Valley or LA...any suggestions?



Sex on wheels

@anton - @Bamboo would totally agree with you. See his post on makeup removal...

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