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Tesla photoshoot in Santa Cruz, CA

We did about an hour of a photoshoot in the beautiful Santa Cruz, CA last weekend and would love to share it with all of you current and future owners of this amazing car:

( let me know if you need to join the group to see them - I'll accept you in )

This is the link to join our owners group:

Wow, what a looker. She has such amazing curves, I just can't turn my eyes away from the photo.

The model is quite nice looking, too.

Tell that girl to keep the distance, otherwise she might scratch the paint on your beautiful Model S.

Please let me know if you're having problems viewing the pix. Some people told me they were.

great config almost exactly, too bad there are no shots of the rear of the vehicle

10 out of 10 would drive.


nice pics.
I have been thinking about a photo shoot too, but with the car moving! Somebody has to drive their car while I take the photos. No models, only the owners with the Tesla grin in their Model S.

Model owners OK?

nah, only Model S owners ;)


Then, model Model S owners? Nice friendly ones, who are model model Model S owners?

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