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Tesla Supercar - Elon wants one!

Hi guys,
Just saw this online:

I posted a topic about a Tesla Supercar a few months back and thought it would be a really good idea for the company's brand.

When you ask most people about Tesla they don't know anything about the company, certainly outside of the USA anyway.
However if you ask the average person if they have ever heard of Bugatti many will reply "Yes they make the fastest car on the road, right?"
Therefore I think Tesla should produce a car that beats the Bugatti in the 0-60 mph or 0-100 mph categories. We all know this is the real thrill in a Supercar, as how often does one do 250+mph (or even 150+ mph) without running the risk of being thrown in jail!
I suggested producing a special edition roadster (this would be faster and less expensive than designing a whole new car) and most tech savvy people here on the forum agreed that it could be possible to do this with modified aerodynamics, a more powerful motor, reinforced chassis, and using the new model S battery cells for an upgraded roadster pack. The Roadster "Supersport" perhaps?

Because people always seem to know what is the fastest thing out there on the market.
If Tesla were to do this the car would be splashed all over the front of every car magazine out there (and who doesn't glance at the cover of those, or stop to read an article or two, when passing by?)
The brand exposure for Tesla would be huge.
Little boys would take down their Ferrari posters and put up a Tesla one because everyone would now know that Tesla makes the fastest car out there.
More importantly however it would let the world know that electric cars are the fastest accelerating cars on the

I think for the EV industry as a whole an electric Supercar that out accelerates the fastest gas guzzler on the market would serve as a massive psychological jolt for the world to finally wake up to the potential of the electric car!

And here's the best part...I think Tesla could build this special edition roadster for a fraction of the price of a Bugatti (currently starting at $1.7 million!)
What would the automotive world say if Tesla could make a Bugatti beater for 1/5 of the price or lower!?
Might also be a nice little money maker for Tesla as well...but it's the brand exposure for Tesla and EV's that would pay off big here.

I think Tesla needs this kind of exposure to get their name out there as the world's pinnacle electric car manufacturer. They need to do this if they want their name to survive long term because let's face it, if the big auto makers want to get serious about electric cars they could produce cheaper vehicles that people would be more likely to buy, as they will tend to trust big brand names like "Toyota, Nissan, etc." They know that these companies are likely to still be around for the next 10-15 years over the life of their vehicle so that spare parts, etc will be readily available. This is something people will be apprehensive about when looking at buying a Tesla - it's a new brand that might not make it.

However as I said by making the worlds fastest car and getting the Tesla name on the tips of everybody's tongues, that fear of an unknown brand will quickly fade away.
Telsa need not build a huge amount of these "supersports" either...Bugatti only makes a hundred or so cars every year. Just enough to take the title of fastest accelerating production vehicle will be enough.

I'm with Elon...Tesla should build an electric Supercar but the Roadster is so close to that already...just up the it a ton of money...and reap the brand awareness much more quickly!


Then Google will monitor your driving habits and routes, your browser searches, sell them to advertisers, and Google self drive will take you seventeen times a day to the highest paying advertiser's store.

Now if Elon could produce just 20,000 Google self driving supercars per year at $250,000. 00 each that should bring him 5 billion a year in cash flow. If his margin is 30% then thats 1 1/2 billion net income per year which would help fund other models.

To get the same numbers from a mass market, gen 3 Tesla selling for $ 25,000.00, well he'd have to sell ten times as many or, 200,000 $25,000 dollar cars a year. Now to make this just as profitable, I believe Elon will develops lots of must have monthly/ yearly subscription services/apps for the car like cable tv in the back section of the car etc.

If Elon could produce 20,000 google self driving optional supercars per year, I believe that would create about 5 billion a year cash flow, and 1 & 1/2 billion net ebita income at 30% margins. To get the same results selling a mass market Gen III auto, at $ 25,000 dollars each he would have to sell ten times as many cars. A lot more work and materials, and that would fill his one auto plant to capacity.

But it could potentially be even more profitable if he could develops cool must have subscription/app services that would generate lots of recurring monthly/yearly income like cable TV screens in the back of the car, etc.

Positives for Tesla: 1) They now understand how to build a symphony of AC + Distance + Speed at a nice price point (comparatively speaking). If he builds a High Performance Supercar, the orders will make the company "the rave". he does this, it would be pandemonium.
2) Elon's Supercharging sites are "Gen-1" (plug-in). Gen-2 Supercharging sites would be able to send AC over the electromagnetic spectrum. Truth: Nicola Tesla did it over 100 years ago...but the rest of that story is that JP Morgan shut him down when he realized his knowledge-base would cripple traditional revenue-models. And therein lies the lesson. The technology is TRULY already here, but the elite will roadblock that idea via their control over the FCC, which regulates the airwaves. So, shelve Gen-2 sites for now. But TRUTH: If Gen-2 Supercharging sites WERE BUILT, THERE WOULD BE UNLIMITED DISTANCE, with NO FILLUPS, because as Elon says "The future lies in Capacitors, not batteries."
The Strategic Play is to build a fast "SS" SuperSport/High Performance AWD Luxo-Rocket that can be driven DAILY. Forget Bugatti. Bugatti is like Coke. People with too much money and no brains use it. Bugatti is a "missed target". BEAT THE NEW CORVETTE and do it with AC. "Pump up" a Model S with a 125 kWH liquid-cooled (aka A123 Systems) next generation battery setup, and make it go 0-60 under 3 seconds, with a top speed of 160, and a range of 400 miles. Sell 100 to customers who will DRIVE THEM. If those customers are chosen WISELY, GAME OVER FOR GAS. I'll buy one IMMEDIATELY. And I will never sell it. AND I will DRIVE IT. Oh, yes, I will drive it. Every damned day with a big GRIN on my face. Thank you for making dreams come true Elon. Ask Mitchell Baker for my phone number, I am ready.

Once Tesla has TRULY won over the mainstream and is really selling cars as the "talk of the automotive world", then gain FCC approval, then announce "retro-fitting" of all Teslas for $15,000 per to an AC Broadcast network. You tune in your car like a radio, and that settles that. But Tesla has to get to "mainstream" first. The slippery slope is attracting the America's FULL attention to their superior power platform (AC) properly. Timing is Everything. In the meantime, Big Kudos to you: Elon Musk, because you are a Modern American Hero. You think big, swing hard, and WE NEED THIS!

IMHO the original Tesla business model of selling progressively less expensive cars at a lower price point is the best way for them to remain competitive in the automotive marketplace. A supercar would only take up a large amount of their R&D budget, and not offer much return. We also need to remember that Tesla is yet to show a quarterly profit, so their shareholders probably wouldnt like a sudden business model change at this point in development.

For me personally I would never buy an electric supercar. I am an engine guy, so if I wanted something to be fast I would either build one or drive one of my other cars. I bought a Tesla because of its practicality and style.

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