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Tesla wants 5-6K for parking sensors!!

Has anyone got a quote yet for a retro-fit for their parking sensors? After calling customer service and finding out it will cost 5K for a retrofit, who is going to do it??
It is only $500 to order it now...
I understand there needs to be some things done for a retrofit, but kind of outrageous at this price point.

Not someone with an older VIN, I understand that they'd have to replace my bumpers (and what can they really do with the old ones?!), and the wiring, the sensors, etc. On the new ones, it's just adding the sensors during production. I would love to have them, but I was an early buyer and understood it probably wouldn't be an easy retrofit. That said, how many car makers would let you add folding mirrors, parking sensors, etc. after the fact at any price?

Wow, that does sound steep.
Sales made it sound effortless to upgrade your car when new features come along.

I guess buyers should make sure they get the features they want upon purchase. Would love 4WD but at some point we have to order our technology and not look back, otherwise I would still be holding out for the iPhone 10.

Aftermarket parking sensors are what, 100$?
They can be fitted into existing bumpers
with ease and wired to their own visual
indicators in cabin and probably wit
the work and everything for under
300$... So why fret. You go for
a sound option. At that price,
Tesla just isn't offering one.

Our good friend at has you covered (partially, at least):

They are worth it at $500, but not a penny more. They alert you of trees and walls but do nothing for high curbs which is where the real problem is given the Model S's length and low bottom.

We didn't pay just $500 to get the sensors. Anyone who ordered the sensors paid on average an extra $1500 more for their car comparably equipped to a car before last August 3rd. Trust me, I know. I had a pending order placed and held off until Aug 3rd when the sensors were added to the configurator on line only to discover that the car was now more expensive due to the changes in prices for various other options and packages.

JenAlJill13, I completely agree. I thought they'd be helpful squeezing into my tight garage and really wanted to retrofit, but I've gotten used the the rear camera/mirrors (for curbs) and now have a better sense where the front of the car is. In fact having them constantly go off pulling into the garage might drive me nuts. ;-)

I drove a loaner with parking sensors. I don't go to places where I have to parallel park, so they didn't add value for me.

In parallel parking situations I am more worried about the other guy, so I just pay extra for better parking or go elsewhere.

I saw a jacked up 4WD truck smash up two cars for kicks while parallel parking in town. He hopped out and giggled. I had daggers coming from my eyes and a note pad was quickly in hand.

@NKYTA - I had a loaner with the parking sensor for a week. It was lighting up like a Christmas tree and with the constant ding, ding, ding sound every time I pull into my tight garage. It created more distractions than helping me. I was nuttier than my natural state.

The power folding mirror feature is nice. It works wonder to fold them in while pulling into the garage. However, the mirrors auto open every time I reverse out of the cramped garage. If I forget to fold the mirrors before backing out, I would need replacement mirrors every few weeks.

Sometimes these extra features are more trouble than they're worth.

If you had these features with other cars then go for it. If you've been driving for a few decades without them, then you haven't missed much.

Matthew, I was nuttier than my natural state., I thought you were already at "nuttiest"? ;-)

Thanks for the confirmation - I don't want Christmas lights when parking.
BTW, I don't have the power folding mirrors either. One previous poster suggested leaving both mirrors out as a guide (I used to manually pull in the driver's side mirror) - I've found that works quite well.

They are great for straight in front of you or straight behind. When coming in the garage I stop when they say stop. They work perfectly for that.
However, when they say stop for the sides, you still have much room to go.

So for $500 they are so so, but I would still get them.

For $5000...*&^$^%$#^&^_(&

@NKYTA - Only the da wife can turn me to the nuttiest state!

Sometimes she love them nuts but most of the time she can do without them nuts!

PS. I'll be making special appearances with Mystique and Aura every evening this week at "Lipstick". Wiki those two with Yankees if you need help deciphering the message.

I shopped aftermarket sensors professionally installed and got pricing of around $2400. They wouldn't have been integrated, and the display would be above the mirror, looked a bit tacky.

Tesla did a retrofit for me for $3000. I figured the extra $600 was worth it for full integration. My car did have the wiring harness, and I opted to have my existing bumpers drilled rather than replaced, so that's why it's a lower cost than the OP.

As for "worth it", I'm mixed on that. While distracted (and complacent due to all other vehicles having sensors), I did back the Tesla into one of my other cars, and the fixes to the two cost about $2000, so if this saves a bump like that, it'll be worth something.

But I do have a complaint: If the music is at a nice volume, I can't even hear the sensor pings. In other autos, the music is lowered when the sensors kick in, but Tesla hasn't done that. As a result, I fear I'll become used to the sensors, not hear them and bump something.

Please refrain from comments about my driving, how you are a superman, never had a single accident in your life, etc.

@Matthew, I thought it was replaced by "Down and Out" these days?

Go Giants! ;-p

Folding mirrors in when garaging is good but be aware that the rear fenders are only an inch or so from being equal to the mirrors (width wise). So leaving them out is a good warning of closeness.

Perhaps I got that tip from you a year ago, @hsadler. If so, much appreciated!

@Sterlingllc1 - SOFTWARE features. Hardware is a different story!

I would definitely order them again. Having the car tell you how far it is from the wall in the garage is a nice feature...


Wasn't me - I read it here also, but couldn't credit the original - but thanks for the thought.

I remember going out right away to verify - and it's true.

Only space pilots in 2001 Space Odyssey needed accompaniment for docking. Ambient works best Earthside.

@danej | APRIL 11, 2014: Tesla did a retrofit for me for $3000. I figured the extra $600 was worth it for full integration. My car did have the wiring harness, and I opted to have my existing bumpers drilled rather than replaced, so that's why it's a lower cost than the OP.

Did Tesla do the drilling of the bumpers or was this sent out to a body shop? If you could show us the cost breakdown of the job, it would be appreciated.

@Alex K, here's my part and labor break-down. As a reminder, my vehicle was produced with the wiring hardness already in place, so my costs are the lowest possible. Vehicles without the necessary harness would be more expensive to retrofit.

I believe the full installation was done by the Tesla service center staff. The term at the San Rafael have been great to work with for the year (and 11,600 miles) that I have owned the car.

My only complaint about the sensors is that the park distance sensor when engaged does not lower or mute the music, so I can't hear the beeping with the sound system turned up to a moderate to high level. Fingers crossed for a fix in a future software update. They lower the audio when you open a door, so I'd imagine it's possible.

Sales Inquiry: Parking sensor retrofit
Customer request Parking sensor retrofit
Installed parking sensors. Tested ok.
Part Qty Unit Price
ECU, PARK ASSIST (1014386-00-A) 1 214.50 214.50
BRACKET, PARK ASSIST/BLINDSPOT ECU(1008903-00-B) 1 9.52 9.52
S10/S11 RETAINERS Park Assist Rr Fascia(1014393-00-B)2 3.68 7.36
S2/S5 RETAINERS (Park Assist Fnt Fascia)(1014392-00-B)2 4.64 9.28
S8/S9 RETAINERS Park Assist-Rear Fascia(1014394-00-B)2 3.68 7.36
S3/S4 RETAINERS Park Assist-Frnt Fascia(1023808-00-A)2 5.12 10.24
NUT,t5,HF,PLASTIC,THREADED (1013805-00-A)3 0.90 2.70
RVT PUSH-PULL 8X18X20.0 (1006521-00-A) 3 2.16 6.48
ASY,HRN,BUMPER,FR,MDLS,PK ONLY (1004420-03-H)1 98.40 98.40
ASY,HARN,BUMPER,RR,MDLS,PK ONLY (1004421-03-H)1 58.92 58.92
SENSOR,PARK ASSIST-Unpainted (1014388-00-A)8 98.50 788.00
RETAINER RING, DECOUPLING, CLEAR (1014395-00-A)2 0.72 1.44
RETAINER RING, DECOUPLING, CLEAR (1014395-00-A)6 0.72 4.32
Total-Part 1,218.52
Labor: 7.30 @ 175.00 = 1,277.50
Total: 2,496.02

Labor rate at the rock bottom price of $175 / hour. Nice!

Non profit rates..

When someone's insurance would only cover $45/hr labor rates, I was wondering what century we were in.

Horse drawn carriages aren't all that expensive to fix up...

@danej | APRIL 14, 2014: @Alex K, here's my part and labor break-down. As a reminder, my vehicle was produced with the wiring hardness already in place, so my costs are the lowest possible. Vehicles without the necessary harness would be more expensive to retrofit.

Thanks for the info. I have an earlier production car (12/31/2012), so I don't have the wiring harness. I probably don't have the proper bumper markings for drilling. I have contacted my service center (Scottsdale) to find out about a retrofit. But someone else had attempted to do a retrofit before the official availability and they were stuck at the wiring harness part.

I don't think that just getting parking sensors for this much money is worth the effort or the price that is being paid. I'm saving my money and hoping for a retrofit when they come out with adaptive cruise control, and who knows what else. Maybe they'll figure out a way to do more with a single set of sensors, that way I only have to retrofit once.

@Alex K - As for reference, my nose cone had the locations for the sensors, as well as the steel bumper behind it had the cutouts for the two sensors. Pick up was in 1/20/13, so it's not that much newer than yours. My guess is anyone that got the newer style nose cone has the sensor locations molded in the nose cone. I didn't check the painted bumpers.

Having them marked made installing my own parking sensors a lot easier. Not as nice as Tesla's parking assist, but there was no other option at the time.

It is nice to have the option to upgrade. I would have purchased if available at the time but I figured the three grand saved can go towards the next Tesla.

What I was surprised about was to hear that they could upgrade a regular 85 to a P85 or P85+. The quote was silly (I could sell my car and buy a brand new one for less).

Not for me, though it is nice to have the option.

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