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trip planning question

planning a trip from central NJ to Chicago, and tried to use to plan my routes. However, I don't see any superchargers between Halmilton NJ and Somerset PA which is like 270 miles apart? The only other choices are the Nissan EV chargers

So my question is, am I missing some superchargers along the way? and if I have to use Nissan, how fast is that? (how many miles can i get per hour of charge)


Try this ap which will list RV parks in the area and give details of hookups. You are looking for 50 amp plugs which will take your UMC with the 14-50. Nissan I believe are J1772 at about 20 mph but you need to call beforehand to see if they will allow you to charge, Many have Chademo but the Tesla $1000 adapter is not yet available

You can either take a longer route via superchargers to the south. But you Are better off stopping to charge in a direct line if it's only 270 miles to Somerset. You will get about 18 miles/hr of charge at a Nissan. Plan a stop mid way and drive slow you will make it just fine. I would probably contact the dealer you plan to use to make sure it's okay, and always have a plan B. (Campground, another dealer). Say a two hour stop should be more than enough.

Best bet might may be to plan a stop at the King of Prussia mall Tesla location and arrange to charge with their HPWC.

Hamilton to Hagerstown to Somerset. It is about a 40 minute diversion, but it is better than waiting at a non-Supercharger. I really don't understand why Tesla didn't stick with Breezewood -- out of all of the real estate they could not find a partner? -- it would have been perfect for Philly <-> Pittsburgh and DC <-> Pittsburgh, especially in the winter.

I would go with MrDaniel's recommendation but thro in a brief stop at Newark. I took that route a few months ago (actually if you went to KofP your would be about 20 miles North of the Newark DE supercharger- the staff at KofP are really nice but the SC in Newark would be much faster)

I made this trip earlier this summer. Northern NJ to Chicago. mrdaniel is right. Starting in Northern NJ, I stopped at Newark DE, Hagerstown, MD, Somerset PA, Cranberry PA, then Macedonia, Ohio, Maumee, Ohio, Mishiwaka IN and on to Chicago all by SC. Quick, easy and FREE!. I have used Chargepoint, Blink and other non-SC chargers from time to time, and there s no comparison. A few miles added to a road trip like NJ<-->Chicago (or NJ<-->Miami, which we did last February) is well worth the convenience. I agree re: Breezewood, but Somerset is easy and well located. Heading back there next week for a visit to Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house nearby. I am now looking for roadtrip destinations convenient to Superchargers to visit!

When we drove cross country in April, we went Somerset, PA to Hamilton NJ, getting there just in time for the 100th Supercharger celebration :-) We stopped overnight at the Fairfield Inn in Hershey, PA which has two Level 2 J1772's. It only charged at 18 mph, but you only need a little extra to get from Hamilton to Somerset.

We opted for the longer route as well earlier this year from Chicago to NJ

Chicago suburb --> Mishawaka, IN --> Maumee, OH --> Macedonia, OH --> (pre Cranberry) Somerset, PA --> Hagerstown, MD --> Newark, DE --> NJ (pre Hamilton)

Stop at Cranberry, PA on the way back was MUCH less stressful in our 60 kWh Model S.

I'm going from the Wash DC area to Columbus Ohio, taking the lower route through PA and WV. If I charge up to 260 miles, and the Sommerset supercharger is 170 miles away, should I go for that or top off in Hagerstown?

I've never made a long distance trip, and with mountains, higher speeds 75-80 mph, and ac, I'm not sure how far I can really go before recharging.

A 90 mile buffer usually allows for unfettered spirited driving. You can slow down if you recognize a shortfall. Charging at a supercharger with more than 50% SOC will give about a 60 kW charge, half speed of a charge closer to empty. How important is time efficiency?
OTOH, if you were to stop in Hagerstown, you could plan to leave your house with much less than a range charge.

RE time efficiency, I'm not a fan of long trips and try to minimize stops, so originally I was hoping to just make two stops, the first in Somerset PA, then Triadelphia WV, to my final destination about 150 miles to Powell OH, a northern suburb of Columbus. My local Tesla tech said he'd advise stopping in Hagerstown as well, but to me the more stops you have to make makes Teslas less functional and competitive with other options.

I'm used to driving Range Rovers and averaging 85+ mph on these trips, with nice ac and ac'd seats, but it don't think I'm going to be able to go over 75 mph too much, and the ac will have to stay around 70?

For your trip, what I would do would be range charge and make Somerset, charge ~25 minutes, head to WV SC and charge 30 minutes to get to destination. Charge longer if there's not a good charging option at your destination. Remember charging twice into an emptier battery is a lot more efficient than doing one full charge stop. A half charge takes about 20-25 minutes while a range charge approaches 90 minutes. I did several 15 minute splash and dash charges once I hit the Midwest and elevation was out of the equation. You've got a 2080 ft gain to Somerset which will take about 14 miles of charge on top of mileage. Full AC uses about 2 kW, so about 6 miles in an hour, so not a big factor. First leg will require some vigilance if you're racing along at 80+ MPH, but I've managed to keep pace with the fastest cars along my route.

Very interesting. I remember in the winter when it was 15 degrees and watching my full battery drop like lead on the highway, but at 20 degrees there was little change, so I've learned quickly that external factors can have an unpredictable effect. So the elevation climb and effect on temperature is good to know.

So just to be clear, you think I can and should go from my home in 22066 Northern Virginia to Somerset, bypassing the Hagerstown supercharger, and can make that approx 160 mi stretch using full ac and cruising at 80 mph? (I imagine I couldn't do that in the winter?)

Thanks for your input...

Based on evtripper, that's a 1781 ft gain. I calculated for speed of 120% and 20 degree delta in cabin temp and came up with 243 rated miles with a 409 Wh/m average efficiency. I said I wouldn't hesitate to do it that way because I'd have no problem. It's possible that if one were totally oblivious to usage that you could exhaust the battery, particularly if there were rain or a headwind. Simply driving the speed limit improves your efficiency to 348 Wh/m and makes it a worry free arrival. Roll into Somerset with 20 remaining rated miles and you'll see a 115kW charge and will have plenty of charge to get to Triadelphia in 20-25 minutes.

Agreed that winter could be tight.

If it looks touchy at the start, drive 1/3 of the way slowly enough to gradually increase your "buffer", 1/3 of the way holding it constant, and 1/3 of the way drawing it down as fast as you dare.

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