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Twin chargers vs. Supercharger

I am planning to get the 60kwh and wondered if it would be best to get twin chargers or the supercharger option. There has been some mention of using KOA/RV sites for charging but it sounds like their hook-ups are high powered, but not to the same level of the superchargers. Would the twin charger be needed at a KOA/RV site or would a standard plug work? Is there a reason to have both twin chargers and the supercharger? Opinions please.


"Gonzo" was meant as a compliment, although something of Hunter Thompson must have been evoked by the blog and the description of you field testing and troubleshooting your slick dual 14-50 EVSE at a campground . . . in the rain. You figured it out and it worked well from then on.

Only 2 owners have written of cross-country trips so far, and both excursions began right after receiving the Model S. You are enthusiasts, yes, but also adventurers and pioneers blazing the path for others to follow while showing the capabilities of the car and discovering them for yourselves and us. Most owners will probably wait for the SuperChargers to try such a feat while others know it can be done now and go for it.

The 400 miles on a charge challenge drive, the LA to Vegas MotorTrend jaunt, the D.C. to Florida and back journey; these are trips that set a new level of performance for a mass market electric sedan and the beginnings of a new chapter in automotive history. It's exciting stuff and the first signs of what we hope to see as commonplace in the next few years.

Whose will be the first S to do the cross-Canadian run? There's already a BC 2 BC (Canada to Mexico) rally planned for this year which will have many Telsas (S and Roadster) involved.

Forget large kWh totals with supercaps, unless you're a truck. You need that much storage space. They're fast, but BIG. Think second row seats, third row seats, and trunk--GONE, leaving the frunk for a little luggage.

Low energy density is worsened by low mass density. VOLUME is the problem, not just mass.


No worries, I took it as such :),


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