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Undercarriage scraping

My Tesla Model S scraps when I exit my garage onto my driveway. The driveway is slopped downward and there is a 3/4" lip that is the culprit. Anybody have an easy fix for the transition onto the driveway? I tried a rubber sealer but it soon came undone when it was scraped.

If you have air suspension, you can always raise the car. I realize this is not an ideal solution.

It's a little hard to understand the driveway design, but sounds like it might need some expensive work to fix - cutting out the lip or a major patch across the area.

If you don't have air, you need some way to raise the front or rear wheels when your car is in the position that scrapes. I suggest trying a few pieces of carpet inside the garage, so the wheels in the garage are on top of the carpet when the car usually scrapes.

If that works you can get the exact height and perhaps nail a 1x6 or other more permanent "bump" to the floor of your garage in the right spot so the wheels are raised long enough to clear the hump.

Get some asphalt to get rid of the lip and create a gradual slope, call a driveway paving company.

If you have the luxury of a wide driveway, start at the extreme right side, drive at an angle to the opposite left hand "corner," about halfway through turn the wheel all the way back right towards the other "corner" of the driveway. Try this, see if it works.


@tes-s's 1x6 covered carpet would be a quick temporary fix.

@kwoo4424's link above looks like an affordable permanent solution too.

Is it the front or back of the car that's scraping? If the front, there's a very heavy duty (ABS?) plastic under the front part of the car. You might scrape it up a bit but shouldn't cause any real damage.

kwoo4424 +1

How about backing in?

Have you tried taking it at an angle, one wheel at a time rather than straight out?

I don't see how bridgit will work - it is only 3/4 inch lip. It is the driveway slope that seems to be the problem - with the center of the undercarriage scraping, right?

Need to raise up one end of the car or the other (or both) at the position it is scraping.

No. RTWT. "there is a 3/4" lip that is the culprit".

Had the same issue. My remedy - A few bags bags of Quick Asphalt, took 20 minutes to spread and thump it in across the front of the garage lip. Problem solved!

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