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Use Existing Model S NEMA 14-50 Outlet for New Roadster?

Can I? We installed the NEMA 14-50 outlet for our Model S. We then just bought a used 2008 Roadster. Is there a way to adapt the Roadster to charge from the same Model S NEMA 14-50 outlet, rather than install a second outlet for the Roadster? (Not to charge at the same time, but just both cars from the same outlet at different times.). Thx. Ed

Same situation here. You need to get a Roadster UMC (universal mobile cable) with NEMA 14-50 adapter, which runs $1500. However you'll find that the plug end of the adapter is much wider than on the Model S 14-50 adapter. So if your outlet is recessed in a metal box, like ours was, the plug can't fit into the box and reach the outlet. So we installed a second outlet for the Roadster but used a plastic box so we could trim the sides so it would fit. Unfortunately, then we found out the UMC was bad, so am currently using the 110 volt plug while waiting for Tesla to come up with a replacement UMC.

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