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Vanity Plates?

Hey folks,
I'm a first-time poster, but a long-time lurker.

I just ordered vanity plates for my Sig and thought I'd start a thread to see what other folks have gotten.
After much deliberation, I got "HC FREE" (California).

I've never had vanity plates before, but as an early adopter, I'm voting with my dollar (ok, many dollars). I want to spread the word for Tesla and electric cars in general, and I figure a vanity plate is a good way to introduce the driving public to an option they may not be aware of. "Hey, that there Aston-Martin is hydrocarbon free! - oh wait, what's a Tesla?"

- Dean

PS: I tried to get "AC 4 ME" but that became unavailable while I was in the process of checking out. If whoever got that is on this forum, you would have missed out if you were a minute slower ;)

Just get "1 21 GW" and add the dot with some suitably colored tape.
I've seen a few "NAME.COM" license plates done that way (silicon valley, of course).

Any # of GW is shameless overstatement. Its accel would reduce you to paste, anyhow!

This is a reference to "Back to the Future". 1.21 GW is the power required to activate the flux capacitor, so "return you to past" instead of "reduce you to paste" ;)

Yes, I know. But paste is more plausible than past. ;)

Just wishing that Tesla would include a Mr. Fusion as an option on the Model S.

They considered it, but a $50 million markup was considered unworkable.

Ultimate tool vanity plate.

Im cool



No, I saw the ultimate tool plate in my works parking lot on a Porsche :

Instantly wanted to go key the thing as soon as I saw it :P

Hard to tell if he's in Mitt Romney's 47% or the other 53%.

I reserved these plates in California a year ago. Was forced to activate a few days ago and stuck them on my daughter's car for now. I couldn't believe it was available when I reserved it:


I applied for KICKGAS in Colorado, but the DMV rejected it, stating it "could be perceived as offensive." That's BS in my opinion.

Kind of agree.
Kickass means potent, effective, remarkable.
Kick gas means get rid of gasoline.
You should go to the DMV and kick some ass!

What about KIK GAS? (splitting hairs, but these are bureaucrats)

Does anyone know the website address to check vanity plate possibilities (e.g., not already taken) for CA?

Just reserve mine on Sunday. Can't believe this was still available in CA.

NO2FOSL (No to fossil)


Ordered mine in Nov FLa......... NOE GAS...... Tag office says it takes 3 months,aren't their enough house guests at the INN

My Prius has LES GAS on it. My S has GAS LES.

I registered "ZAP CO2" in ca.

TSLA (heart)R

(california kids plate, permits you to use symbols like a heart.)


We just ordered


to take advantage of the double meaning for our Model S. (eye doc who wants to help the environment)

Also I just ordered my vanity plate

TESLA X in anticipation of getting my car in 2014!

Also we ordered a plate frame for the Model S,

Warning Vehicle Contains Warp Core

Just got my regular CA plates. Now I can go exchange them for the vanity plates that I reserved 2 months ago and are now waiting at the local DMV for me.


I went simple and not too creative, mine will be "BYT" and DMV said it may take 3 months to get (went in on Tuesday to order them).



Ordered just now, for my blue/grey Tesla, due to arrive in 3 months or less:

California plates.


@Jim2855: how long did it take from delivery to getting your plates?

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