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Voice commands

Does anyone know where I can find a list of the voice commands MS recognizes? I can only seem to get it to work for navigation. I didn't find references in the manual.

The only other command I'm aware of is "listen to" or "play".

But for me, none of the commands work more than one out of ten times. I try to speak clearly, but it just crunches for a minute and then briefly blinks up an "unknown command" error on the screen.


Be certain to hold the button down until you see "Recording" on your dash. When through giving the command release the button and you should see "Processing" displayed. Then, if it correctly interprets, it'll follow through. I've had very good results with "Navigate" and "Phone" or "Call". I don't remember which.

A slight pause after the "command", before the rest, also seems to help.

And a good half second pause after it says recording...

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