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What does a Model S Battery Look Like?

I read in the undocumented Tesla Model S specifications page about the basic Tesla Model S cell, 7000 of which compose the core for both the 60 and 85 kWh versions of the Model S. Curious, I bought one off of Amazon and took a picture of it in my hand. Of course, it probably doesn't look exactly like the one I purchased, but it's the same form factor. Isn't it amazing that one of these multiplied by 7000 can provide the energy to drive a 4600 lb car?

/Users/rloehler/Documents/Tesla Li-ion Battery.jpg

If someone knows how to post a photo, I'll upload it.

You can see how the battery is created in the National Geographic Megafactories video, where the robots are assembling the single cells together, but the whole battery is proprietary to Tesla. Here is a link to the TMC thread:

Yes, they mention in that video that the way Tesla arranges the cells in the pack is innovative and considered a trade secret by Tesla, so we're not really going to see the inside of one any time soon.

Perhaps will do a "teardown" a la the iPhone?

Interestingly, I weighed the cell and it weighs 1.5 ozs. If you multiply this by 7000, you get about 650 lbs, which is likely the total weight of the 60/85 kWh battery, less supporting materials, cooling hardware. and enclosure, of course.

It is my understanding that there are 8600 lithium-ion batteries in an 85Kw battery pack. Although Panasonic is a Japanese company the batteries are actually made in China. I have a "Cree" flashlight that uses one of these and produces 1000 Lumens. The battery is 2.5" x 0.75" dia. Mine is an Ultrafire BRC 18650 4000mAh, 3,7 V Li-ion battery. In large quantity these can be bought for about $1.50 each.

Don't trust the label. The Ultrafire website states that the company never made a battery larger then 3000 mAh. There are lots of fakes out there... lately I saw a test of an "5000mAh Ultrafire" and the actual measured capacity was a little over 1000mAh - $1.50 for that battery is a rip off.

@mcptwo, around 8000 gives you 90kWh. 8600 would be overkill extra capacity.

Standard HTML doesn't work on Dropbox. Put it up on imageshack or Photobucket, or even Flickr.
One more try:

Used the Download, then address bar URL, and specified height and width, using "img" HTML.

Curious that we still haven't seen a picture of the inside of a Tesla Model S battery pack. Wrecked Exotics only has Roadster photos, not even a Model S section yet (congratulations, safe drivers!)

I half wonder if Tesla has some sort of Ranger shock team that arrives ten minutes after a wreck and covers proprietary peeled-open battery packs with yellow tarps to prevent prying eyes.


You mean like "CSI:Tesla" (car safety investigation)? :)

Maybe no packs have ever "peeled open".

Tesla HQ sends out a battery self-distruct code when the accelerometer senses a crash.

Good morning Mr. Phelps....

There are pictures in this thread at teslamotorsclub:


Fisker actually did this when a Karma ignited a house in Houston:

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