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What is your gas savings?

My gas savings in 2 weeks 2000km $360 in 2 weeks wow

my 2009 cx9 13.6 L / 100km @ $1.30 L gas so its like 90$ and i get 520km for $90

I can't tell just for the Model S easily (the TED5000 measures power to our entire garage, which also includes charging my wife's LEAF), but between the two of them we spend about $45-50/mo, where we used to have about $300/mo in gas.

$360 in 2 weeks $720/mo in gas = 8640/yr wow lol love this car

this thread is useless without factoring the electricity bill

In the last 30 days I put 910 miles on the car and it took 272 kwhr. At $.0803/kwhr that's about $22. Add a bit for inefficienties.

About $20 for 1,000 miles in 2 months vs $200 for the same distance in premium gas for the old car.

Between 1 Supercharger stop, free public chargers and free charging at work. This is an amazing car! :P

Not entirely. Gas prices/expenses vary far less than electric rates, so the gas-savings side can be generally useful info.

$250/month savings averaging 1,500 miles/ month. That's gas prices slightly under $4/gal and electricity slightly under 9 cents/KWh. Miles displaced from cars with City/Hwy of about 20 mpg.

I couldn't put a number on it, but I can tell ya that I been driving it more frequently, just so I don't have to go a gas station on the way to work and blow 80 bucks to fill my other car up. I so hate doing that now!
I just requested getting on the TOU-D-EV to lower the cost of filling up the S even more!
I tried getting gas at midnight but it wasn't any cheaper...

While the car is awesome, most people do overestimate their savings (depending on where you live). When you take into consideration vampire loads, charging efficiency, and real tiered electricity rates (even with TOU-D-EV), I estimate you save about 65% of what gas would cost for a comparable ICE performance sedan (at 4.10/gal here in socal and 17 mpg for comparison). At 1800 miles/month, that comes out to nearly $300 savings - not bad! Of course, if you are near a supercharger or free charging station, you can save even more!

You can get my spreadsheet and see reference tables at

Cliff, I have assessed my ACTUAL electric bill against my ACTUAL expenses for gasoline (I keep close track in Quicken).

My gas expense dropped $300/month.
My electricity expense went up $50/month.

I drive 1500 miles per month.

That's roughly 80-85% savings, not 65%.

Electricity rates vary far more than gas prices.

Just took an 800 mile one way road trip last week to move to another state. Total "fuel" bill for 800 miles. About 20 bucks. Now that I've arrived, charged for another 188 miles for 7 bucks. My last car would have been about 10 times that amount.

@DTsea - can't argue with that! Where do you live/what do you pay for electricity???

I would agree with cliff - even less of a savings on Long Island ($0.225/kwh). (comparing to 4.30/gal premium here, 16 mpg, 1250 mi/month). I show $220/month savings max.

Brian H has a fair point. I live in Seattle, where gas is about $3.60 (regular) right now, and electricity is $.11/kWh.

I pay .05 cents per Kwh, a fill up, sort of speak, cost me $3.75. A recent trip from Las Vegas, to Los Angels, then to Palm Springs and back to Las Vegas was a total cost of $3.75 thanks to all the free charging stations in Southern Calif.
You have to LOVE IT!

My PG&E bill went up $60 for the first month I had it. In that same amount of time, I would have paid $630. So my savings is turning into about $570 a month or just shy of $7,000 per year. That is assuming gas doesn't go up any higher.

And yes, I do giggle every time I drive past a gas station.

I have driven the car 2249 miles since purchase.
I have used 826kWh.
I am bumping that up to 990kWh for charge losses and times I have heated the car when I wasn't in it.

I have spent a total of around $70 in electricity or $0.031 per mile. (verified by looking at my electric bill too.)

My Saturn would have cost me $350 if gas prices were at $3.50 a gallon or $0.15 per mile.

If I had purchased an eco-box that got 35mpg I would have spent $225 for gas or $0.10 per mile.

Some of us don't get these HUGE charge losses and battery drains. Sure I might see 3 to 5 miles lost on a cold night. That's only about 1.5kW or 10 cents. Sitting at work it might cost me another 10 cents on a cold day. That's something like $6 bucks a month.... I might need to file for bankruptcy here.
Even if my electricity goes WAY up to 50 cents a kWh I will have to shell out $45 a month in winter. Still less than the cost of filling up my tank once on my Saturn.

I guess I'm on the other side. I pay 0.36/kwh with southern cal Edison's tiered plan. We're consistently in tier 5, so I'm getting approximately 40 mpge, as opposed to my Prius' 46 mpg. This will change in September when I get my solar panels up. Until then, though, I still drive my tesla instead of the Prius because the ride is so much nicer. The Prius is reserved for picking up my daughter and her stinky ballet feet four times a week.

36 cents a kWh!!!! Holy Ripoff Batman!

I doubt you pay 1/20 ¢/kwh. Maybe 1/20 $. ;) That would be $0.05, vs. 0.05¢.

36 cents is the norm in CA, I pay the same. At that rate MS is about half then gas. If you use the TOU plan then the peak will go up to 55 cents and the air conditioner will eat you in summer. Best solution is Solar. Other things you can do is install LED throughout the house... In my case it dropped the usage by 200-300 kWh a month ($70-100 saving per month) - and that pays about a third of the MS bill. My house has still 500W base load even if we are not home (=360 kWh per month) and I have to go hunting how I can reduce it ( TV, DVR, computer, fridge, etc).
Having the MS made me much more aware of my electricity usage... Before I would just pay the bill.
On top of that my gas savings is now at 100%.

Agree. bottom line, savings are only about 100% (34MPGe for MSP vs. 16MPG for my ICE on Long Island). Savings would be even less compared to a more efficient ICE

I had to look online for the price of gas for the first time in months to get an answer. :-D

Conservatively, our total fuel bill is down a bit better than 85%. I'm in a state with high gas prices and low electricity rates. Our electricity rates are regulated. I went from premium gas to cheap hydro.

I'm taking more joy rides, Sunday drives and the long way home. Our folks pay for our power when we go to visit them because we plug into a dryer vent at one house and a welding outlet at the other. They are happy to do it because it's only a couple bucks and they get to see us more often now.

Mileage = 5,000, From Feb 5th to April 20th, about 2.5 months. Our PG&E bill has climbed about $100 / month = $250.00 ( @ non-peak maximum baseline 0.26 /Kw. (Note: we use the Superchargers as often as possible.)
Gas to drive our 535 BMW @ $4.25/gallon: 20 mpg average
5,000/20 = 250 gallons x 4.25 = $1,062.50
$1,062.50 - $250.00 = $812.50 saved so far
$812.50 / 2.5 = $325.00 Saved per month

If the thrill ever wears off, We may drive less!

Northern California
Old PG&E E7 Time of Use Meter (no Longer Available.)

I just did a calculation for our first month with the car. I looked at real energy usage from my SCE bill. I have the TOU rate plan and so only charge at night. My average cost for the late night rate was 12.5 cents a kWh. My miles per dollar worked out to 17.7. So, if gas were $4 a gallon that would be 71 mpg. Not bad. Not the 89mpge on the sticker but then I had a few days this month where I was showing people the performance of the car. Hopefully my mileage will get better.

According to Tesla's Savings chart, we will be saving roughly $7500 annually. $1100 per year charging costs were subtracted from original $8600 fuel cost, assuming premium fuel prices don't rise more than $4.00 or KWh doesn't increase.

1,000 miles per month.
Was spending $250 per month for premium gas.
Now spending $35 per month for electric fuel.

Monthly fuel savings = $215.
Annual fuel savings = $2,580.

Drive more! The more miles you rack up, the more you save. ;)

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