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Cup Holders on Model S Prototype

Last night I sat in the Signature Prototye Model S on display at the Denver store. The arm rests for the driver and front-seat passenger slide back to reveal the cup holders. Ergonomically, this is an awful design, as you have awkwardly reach back with your arm, similar to trying to reach the side pocket of your pants, to access the cup holder. The rest of the car was great, but hated the cup holders and I will have to find a retrofit that works more ergonomically.

Douglas3 | February 1, 2012 new

You don't need to take your eyes off the road to do it, which is what the real problem is with cell phones (especially texting).

It's not the eyes, it's the neurons. Coffee drinking is a separate sub-system, whereas conversation shares wetware with driving.

Only if they are good cup holders. Look to BMW for really poor ones. They are big enough to hold a Dixie cup. -ThomasN

No, no, you miscomprehend -- that's big enough for an espresso!

He was stuck in traffic and was just rolling forward very slowly keeping about four car lengths behind the guy in front.
In Boston, this would be an open invitation for cars to cut in front of the guy. Our rush-hour spacing is closer to one car length, but I think the minimum distance is roughly one foot per 10 mph.

My daughter compares Boston driving to a flock of swallows -- they can fly together in remarkable synchronicity with no obvious cues as to turning, without collisions. But if a seagull (==non-Boston driver) flies through the middle, all hell breaks loose. There are large stretches of pavement in Boston that simply have no lane markers, which no one here seems to find remarkable.

A murmuration of Boston drivers.

I always thought that somewhere in Boston there must be a rotary with five ways in and no way out :-)

There is, but no one has ever reported out to say where...

I've been in that rotary. The only thing I miss about Massachusetts is driving there, which I get to do when visiting family. Everyone in upstate NY drives like they have all the time in the world to get where they're going!

"Rotary". I've only ever heard them called "roundabouts". Maybe that's Brit.

"Rotary" here.

The printed rules say that vehicles traveling in the rotary have right-of-way over entering vehicles.

The real rules say that whoever has the bigger, older, most-beat-up vehicle can do whatever it wants.

(In truth, rotaries/roundabouts are incredibly efficient ways of managing complex intersections. Occasionally the PTB decide to replace them with traffic-light controlled intersections, after which they become horrible bottlenecks.)

I used to live in Westboro(ugh) and the main intersection in town was 5 numbered roads that came together. With a traffic light it would have been a constant nightmare, but this one had a nice center of town rotary, and it ran pretty smoothly. It was best at rush hour where all the drivers were regulars to the rotary. at odd hours it would sometimes come to a crawl when people panicked not knowing what to do.

We should have more of these in the US since it would relieve congestion on the surface roads.

Roundabouts are horrible if you want to drive 90 in a 30 though. ;)

Might be able to manage it in an S!

@Brian H

A recent study showed that talking on the phone had little impact on accident rates, but DIALING the phone increased the risk of an accident 30X.

I agree that our cognitive systems have a limited throughput, and simply hearing a passenger talk in the car unavoidably consumes some of that. But that is a small impact compared to taking your eyes of the road even for a moment. Unfortunately technical devices can also draw you in and keep your eyes on them longer than you had intended.

@Robert.Boston, Stephan.Pace, Brian H, Brianman, Leofingal, In Texas rotary/roundabouts are called traffic circles. In the 70s many of them were replaced with a grade separated intersection or a traffic signal. Starting in about 2000 all of the new subdivisions in the Dallas area especially the higher end resedential developments and outdoor malls started putting them in the center as a focal point of the addition with an overly landscaped park or with a giant commissioned art piece. Unfortunately there is a whole generation of people that have never seen one in their lifetime and just freeze up when they get in one and either bring the entire thing to a dead stop, cause a wreck or have to go around two or three times to figure out how to leave the traffic circle.

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