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Massachusetts Judge Denies Dealers Request for An Injunction on Tesla Store

Here's the text:

A Massachusetts judge has denied a request by dealers for a preliminary injunction against Tesla Motors Inc., which will allow the automaker to operate its store in suburban Boston as the dealers' lawsuit against the company proceeds.

The ruling, filed Friday, is an early setback for the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association and individual dealerships that sued Tesla on Oct. 16, claiming the electric-vehicle maker has violated Massachusetts' licensing, consumer protection and franchise laws. The lawsuit poses a challenge to Tesla's strategy of owning and operating its own retail stores, rather than granting franchises to dealers as other automakers do.

The dealers asked the Massachusetts Superior Court for a restraining order and injunction that would stop the Tesla-owned showroom in Natick, Mass., which opened Sept. 28, from doing "anything other than an unstaffed display of a locked automobile." To get an injunction in Massachusetts, as in federal court, plaintiffs must show they are likely to prevail in the case and will otherwise suffer irreparable harm.

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Yeah it reads like TM has really come crossways at these guys. Both suits are attempting, btw, to force TM to sell through them. They, too, lust after the MS!

BTW, is it eggs or bricks you don't lay?

Chickens lay eggs. Hens lay chickens.

Apparently I don't lay dubyas...

Thanks for all the interesting comments. It now seems clear to me that Elon has simply made yet another step into yet another shark territory, and that the attempts to stop Tesla that can be made will be made. Now and then, I find myself wondering how come he is still alive.

Don't forget the Ironman suit!

Judge Sides With Tesla In Dealership Lawsuit, Foes Vow To Fight On

This is the same case, and probably the same decision, as discussed above.

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