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Spouse on board?

How many of you had/are having trouble convincing your spouse/significant other that it is reasonable to buy a Model S?

If there are objections, what are they? Money? Perceived practicality? Cost comparison to an equivalent ICE (as if there really were such a thing...)?

My wife is not enthusiastic, but she has slowly accepted the fact that I'm buying one. I even caught her on the Design Studio once looking at different colors :) So I think she's decided to enjoy it since it is pretty much inevitable.

When I explain to my grandson why he can't have something, he often responds, "but I WANT it!"

Perfectly reasonable. :)

I overheard at a bus stop a girl telling her b/f he was cut off until he gave up his dope. He adopted a pathetic, pleading expression: "But I NEED it."

Is that a closer analogy? ;)

Depends on whether you prefer the Stones ("You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need") or Dylan ("Your debutante just knows what you need
But I know what you want").

My wife is the reason I have not ordered mine yet. She actually introduced me to Tesla when the company first started. We were both huge fans, supporters, and introduced many people to Tesla. Unfortunately Tesla has done a few things recently to her that has left a very bad taste in her mouth. For me, I'm all in but for us it has to be a mutual decision due to the cost. I have being trying for 3 months to warm her back up to Tesla. Which reminds me that I need to go change her pc wallpaper back to a model S pic.

Has she read Elon's "Update"?


Unfortunately Tesla has done a few things recently to her that has left a very bad taste in her mouth.

What did they do to her? Take her milk money? Give her an atomic wedgie? A swirlie?

The first was she tried to get a part time job at TM. She was actually excited about the opportunity and a true believer in TM. She really wanted to tell the world about TM (so she is a little on the tree hugger side) and move people from oil dependency. She applied and got a call to setup an interview. 2 days later for the interview, the recruit was a no call/no show/no email. The next day they spoke and the TM recruiter was very apologetic so they rescheduled. Same thing happened on the next interview…no call/no show/no email. Since then, she has not had a returned call or email. Both of our views are if a company is this unorganized and shows poor communications, do we want to do business with them? Kind of the mentality of if you are awful at your job then you should be promoted.
The second was she was not allowed to test drive at the Get Amped tour. We informed the guys at the event that we got the "time to build" email and we were not buying till she drove a car. TM said they could only accommodate 1 driver per reservation and she could drive one at the store in a few months. I’ll be honest, I didn’t care since I was the one driving but her opinion is that TM has been sitting on our $5,000 for over 2 years and they can’t figure out how to let someone drive a car is poor customer service.

Chris25. You blew it. My wife got Amped and I sat in the back. She was very happy for her 7 minute drive. A month later I had a 30 minute test drive and I was very pleased. I had the advantage of driving a Roadster a year ago so I could afford to be patient.

P.S. Being recently retired, I filled in an online resume and sent it to TM. I have heard nothing back, a waste of time.

Hindsight is always 20/20 on spouse stuff.

Chrisses with Tesla-unimpressed spouses, unite!

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