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Upset at major headliner issue

Hello all -

I wanted to know if anyone else is familiar with a major change that took place and went unannounced by Tesla. I took delivery of a loaded P85 3/22 and have been very happy with Tesla and the car. I've expected a few things here and there though I am very detail oriented and a perfectionist. I'm ok not having the spoiler, HPWC, and parcel shelf available at the time of pickup.
However, the entire headliner is fabric instead of the promised Alcantara. This is unacceptable to me. It appears that recently the factory made a change and all cars come with fabric. Mine was one of the first to have had this. I was never informed. Cost savings? Im not happy about it at all and to me it completely changes the feel of the interior. I was promised a car as configured, and changes have been made without my knowledge or even approval. I'm working to see what Tesla can offer and will keep you updated. Anyone else in a similar boat?


What is their official word on this? Note the website just says "Nappa leather interior with Alcantara accents and available carbon fiber décor". Is that what it always said? Curious.

I think that was a Signature only thing.

Yup, wayback machine has that same wording as far back as last July.

Is it a global change or did they make an error on the specification of your particular order? Did you find that out?

My final decision on the car hinged on the headliner material and I made sure that I got the Alcanatara.

Exactly-all performance versions should have alcantara and I'm used to that in my previous cars as well. Makes a big difference. Apparently, they decided a couple weeks ago that all cars will now be fabric. Not acceptable without informing buyers. At least cars that have been finalized should have the alcantara as promised. Lets see what ownership experience says...

I have a printout from early 2012 (probably around January) taken off the TM website. Under P85 it lists "additional Standard Equipment: Nappa leather interior with Alcantara accents and carbon fiber decor" but I am not seeing anything specific to a headliner.

I have the standard 85 kW with the optional Nappa leather seats and accents, along with pano roof and the headliner is fabric. The car was delivered January 18, 2013.

Based on your comment that you are "one of the first to have this" (fabric), it sounds like you asked your DS about the headline and were told there was a factory change to fabric - is this correct? I can't imagine TM making a significant change without announcing it. Let us know what TM does or says, assuming you are pursuing this further.

And the site always said alcantara accents but performance version has it as least until two weeks ago. It seems very shady on their part though. Not announced. And I noticed cause my friend picked his up last week and has alcantara, not to mention all the ones sitting at the service center. So it's not just mine. They need to be clear about it. For now, I feel cheated. Lets hope they can fix it somehow though would require tearing part the interior...

Yes Velo, factory made change last week and did not announce it! Not acceptable to those expecting alcantara as promised on performance models. I want Tesla to survive and do amazing things, bit it's items like this that can ruin a reputation. I'm not happy about it one bit. I didn't get what I was was promised.

Actually the headliner was always specified as fabric outside of the signature cars. Accents were limited to the seats. I asked multiple time starting 1 year ago and got a consistent answer. Thus I was pleasantly surprised that my car came with the alcantara headliner. I am sorry that you did not get the headliner you wanted but as far as I can tell tesla never promised it outside of the signature series.

Well they should all be on the same page. It's quite a difference. I think all performance cars up until last week have had alcantara and indeed this is what I understood prior to finalizing.

My car was a Signature to start with so that may be the case. I do know that the Alcantara headliner was the major reason I moved to a Performance model.

I guess I didn't realize that they were going to drop it for the standard performance models.

Alcantara headliner was a part of the reason I ordered the performance model. I will be disappointed if I do not get it.

I am not saying it was promised but reading threads about the differences between Performance and non performance cars factored into my decision.

Let us know what the resolution with Tesla is on this subject (if any).

Will keep you all updated. I'm hoping to get it replaced at a good upholstery shop and will offer that suggestion to Tesla. And David-your car most likely will have fabric unless it was made prior to early march.
Just not right for them to switch things willy nilly.
At the test drive I was assured my car would look exactly as the one there.
Will keep you updated.

I have a non-Sig P85 delivered Dec. 11. The headliner looks and feels like suede. I suppose that's Alcantara?

I received my car early this month (P85) and it has the Alcantara headliner.

Thanks guys looks like you made the cutoff date. Still amazing they didn't publicly announce this change as they did with the third row seats.

I'm in a similar boat but on a different issue. I've been refraining from posting about it until
I get official resolution from Tesla. Suffice it to say I whole heartedly agree the need to communicate changes to the car configurations as they're made so those waiting can adjust accordingly.

Yes, DouglasR, the suede-like material is Alcantara.

I'd be really bent out of shape if I didn't get the Alcantara headliner. The whole reason I went to the Get Amped event was to check out the different versions of the headliners since I didn't like anything that I saw on the two Betas I saw. The test drive was a bonus. If I wasn't happy with the headliners then I was inclined to pass. Headliners seem to be a weak spot over time in many cars, including my BMW.

Thanks for support Captain Zap. Yes, I'm really disappointed and for some reason it's as though they never saw this as a big deal.
Geek EV - I wanted to hold out on posting but I didnt want to wait weeks for this to get figured out. Especially because nobody can give me a timeframe. How long have you been in talks with Tesla Ownership if you don't mind me asking?

And yes Douglas - that suede is alcantara. Big difference!

Wow, I can't say that I have ever noticed the headliner in any car I have ever owned, either good or bad (I do remember poor headliners in my parent's car as a kid that would droop down). And here multiple people are saying that they based their purchase decision of a rather expensive car on whether it had a particular type of headliner or not. To me, that feels like "I'm not buying this computer unless the side of the case is the right shade of blue", but I guess YMMV.

For us non-car types, is the headliner the roof upholstery? Where does it end?

I recently was surprised to see the fabric headliner material when visiting a service center and peeking through the windows of the vehicles awaiting delivery. The light beige headliner color did not match the gray interior and I casually mentioned to a future buyer that the Alcantara headliner in my white interior P85 Signature would be a much better match. That buyer was viewing the cars at the service center parking lot area to help him decide on options. It helps to view many wheel and color combinations.

Headliner color should match properly in ALL models. The vehicle interior should be color coordinated by Tesla Motors so buyers are thrilled. The light beige colored fabric headliner I saw appeared to only work best with a tan seat color.

I agree with Pritbir, the higher quality "suede" Alcantra should be in all Performance models, just as the seat piping color is unique and Alcantra is used for the seat accents. The rose colored windshield and green side windows are bad enough. Tesla needs rose colored glass throughout and perfect color palettes of all interior dash materials, leathers, fabrics, headliners and carpets for buyers to choose. What you see and choose in the Tesla Store should be what you get in your Model S.

Yes, the interior roof upholstery is the headliner.

@Pritbir - Today will be the third business day...

@Pritbir - FYI, I didn't mean my comment as a criticism for your decision to post about it...

I'm with Jat...I know my cars all had headliners, but couldn't tell you what they were made of. I've sat in the Tesla a bunch of times (waiting for my inexplicably delayed MS) and never noticed the headliner. I guess now I will!

It is interesting what matters to people. I like a clean and elegant look of this car's interior and I really like the look of the Alcantara headliner, so that matters some to me. I care less about a console where others care a great deal about it and some are adding $1000 plus after market solutions. What matters most to me (as an engineer I suppose) is the tremendous advantage an all-electric drive train has over any ICE car, and that is what I talk about.

My wife in her first minute sitting in the car decided she loved the "soft roof" (Alcantera headliner) and thought it was great. She in fact mentions it when talking about the car. So since I care about my wife more then this car (though for a few days she may have disputed that :-) I suddenly care a great deal about headliners.

Also in doing all of my research on if to buy and what model (going to a local store, taking a test drive, researching on the web, .. ) I found no hint that I would not be getting an Alcanatera headliner. Possible some warning existed but I did not find it. Therefore I thought the cars being delivered were whatI was going to get.

So I am disappointed, but certainly understand why others (maybe even most others) may not care.

I have grey interior and the first thing I noticed when I sat in the car was the beige headliner. Very disappointed! Seems like that is the headliner for the tan seats not the grey.

@lt | MARCH 27, 2013: I have grey interior and the first thing I noticed when I sat in the car was the beige headliner. Very disappointed! Seems like that is the headliner for the tan seats not the grey.

Same feeling here. This made me switch to tan seats, which match the headliner nicely. This also made me switch to brown exterior to be color coordinated. My headliner is Alcantara, which by the way is not suede leather. It's a synthetic substance. I wasn't really expecting the Alcantara, since in most higher end cars it's an explicit upgrade, but was pleasantly surprised. When I order my Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, I decided against Alcantara headliner option, since it was an extra $1990 cost option. With the Pano roof, there is not much material used in the headliner. My car was delivered 5-Jan-2013 with VIN #P03218

Took delivery on 3/22. Was a P85 VIN P7221. I guess one of the lucky ones to get the alcantera headliner which is beautiful and soft. I would be pissed if they did a bait and switch from what I was expecting. It would not be right.

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