Battery Swap Event


Model S is designed to allow a fast battery swap, exchanging your battery for a fully charged battery in less than half the time it takes to refill a gas tank. This offers Model S drivers another, even faster option when recharging while driving long distances.


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Why not a full teatherless battery. I offer a systemised electric car that all run on the same battery plug-in and standardizes the receiver slot in electric cars and all charging stations.

This car comes with 2 batteries. One in the car in operation ; one at the customers home station. The way it works is after dailey drives, the car owner simply swaps the low charged battery with his freshly charged battery at the home station and there no dreaded time wastage and feathering hassles.

In addition, when the customer is in route, there will be battery stations along all highways and urban streets where one swaps there standardize battery with another fresh one. In addition, a roving vehicle similar to an Insurance company concept in Germany; would be available to swap and advertise to stranded as well as all traffic.

This system elevates customer worries of being stranded, enduring a 4hr charge wait having a fuel backup.


well its all about time .
and time is near

I think they can give this service for free the first 5 years then you can pay a fee (not greater than 5k, that makes it 1k per year) for another 5 years or just keep your battery and charge it just like they do right now.