Order to delivery time

I placed my reservation just before Christmas # 16,600's.
I spoke to reservations today and they said I should expect my build request in 4-7 weeks ('can't be more specific right now'- thought this was pretty accurate).
He said I should expect delivery within 90 days of receiving my signed order paperwork. This seems to be much quicker turn around than when I placed the order in mid-December, not to mention all those who have gone before.
I hope this is helpful and interested to hear how consistent it is with others' feedback.

I "finalize" button on 1/7 with # 12,xxx and signed pre-papers the same day. Delivery estimate is Feb/March, which is far less than 90 days.

Well, if it comes near the end of March (which is probably a reasonable time to expect delivery) it will be close to 90 days.

Put Deposit 11.20.12. Finalized 01.14.13 Delivery April/May 2013

One thing Tesla has taught us so far is that not all orders are equal. Examples abound:

- 85s got bumped to the front cause 60 and 40 were not being made yet
- Within 85s availability of certain parts dictated who got their car first.

So probably until production settles down in Q2/Q3, I am not sure there will be a consistent order to delivery time frame. In short, it depends.

RN#13,9xx, Just recd the invitation to finalize. I will be finalizing today.

you're right..

85kw + active air > 60kw + active air > 60kw/85kw + std air > 40kw + std air > red, etc...

@heems, jchangyy - also during the end-of-year rush, people who didn't have to arrange financing or trades got bumped up simply because they could close the deal faster.

No way a Christmas deposit will finalize in 4-7 weeks...
I put down deposit Oct 10, 2013...
still waiting...
hopefully by early Feb. I'll finalize (emphasize HOPEFULLY)...

@celtrog - if you put your deposit down on Oct 10th you should have already received your finalize invitation. If the finalize button doesn't appear on your MyTesla page you should contact them.

@celtrog....I put down deposit Oct 13 and confirmed on Oct 16th. Got finalize button on 1/7/13 with delivery date of Feb/March.

You should contact them as Gregv64 suggested.

I'm reservation number 12,8xx

I have put in a call as we speak (sort of)...
thanks again!!

You put down your deposit 9 months in the future? How did you arrange that? Do you already have a FluxMobile? (Oct. 2013)


Do you have to look for the Finalize button? Doesn't Tesla email you as well?

Sometimes there is a lag between email and the appearnce of the "finalize" button.

I was reservation 10,260. Got my email to finalize last week. Did so yesterday and now waiting on the paperwork to sign.

They say I should expect delivery between Feb/Mar.

And sometimes there is a lag between the appearance of the Finalize button and the email. Some never get one.

I got my signed paper work done on 12/28/12. My reservation Number was #106xx and they gave me an estimated delivery of Feb/Mar 2013. This is for a 85kw model. I'm hoping to get a delivery sometime before March as I see they are cranking up the production numbers.

Correction res # 10060.

well, quick update. I'm reservation 12,xxx and "finalized" on 1/7, pre-MVPA signed the same day with delivery window of Feb/March. Just spoke with "Jxxx" at Tesla hotline, and for my car--85kw, silver, air, she thinks it'll go into production in beginning of February with construction time of approx. 7 days. after testing, paperwork etc, they estimate that I should be able to pick it up at the end of February. 6 more weeks...hard to wait.

While finalized my order on December 27, Model S, 85kw I opted to not get active air. I got the confirmation email but no indication as to a timeline. Is anyone else in this situation and have they made any further inquiries into a projected delivery window?

@roofmonkey: Look through your MVPA for a delivery estimate. It's probably April/May.

Res# 11,XXX. Finalized my order and signed paper on 01/02/12. 85kw,black, leather seat but std air suspension. They gave me an estimate delivery April / May 2013. Did anyone have the same timeline ? It looks like it is up to your configuration and option rather than your reservation number. Correct me if I am wrong.

If you choose any of the "delayed" options (40kWh, Red or standard suspension) it delays your order by a month or two, but other than that it should be in res order.

It's a mystic mix of both. And sometimes there are weird exceptions to all the rules (both early and late).

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