Tesla Resale Value Guarantee FAQ

Tesla Motors Australia Pty Ltd hereafter referred to as Tesla.

What is the Resale Value Guarantee?

Tesla's Resale Value Guarantee gives Tesla owners the option to sell their vehicle back to Tesla following the end of their financing contract for a guaranteed resale value specified at the time of delivery, which is amongst the highest of any premium sedan sold in volume.

This value is determined by the term and mileage allowance chosen by the customer when executing the financing contract and allows customers flexibility in choosing the value and finance term that best fit their life.

Resale Value Guarantee

Resale Value Guarantee Matrix

  Resale Value Guarantee Term
Mileage Allowance (km) 36 48 60
 15,000 50% 46% 42%
 20,000 49% 45% 41%
 25,000 48% 42% 38%

Is the financing company backing the Resale Value Guarantee?

The Resale Value Guarantee is an agreement between Tesla and the vehicle's original owner, and is separate from, independent of and does not affect the terms of your financing contract with the financing company. You will at all times remain responsible for all of the obligations and liabilities under your financing contract.

Who is eligible for the Resale Value Guarantee?

Any private or business customer who finances their vehicle through a Tesla-approved loan program is eligible for the Resale Value Guarantee meeting the minimum term requirements.

Can I pay off my loan early?

If you choose to pay off your loan early, you may do so but the Resale Value Guarantee will not be applicable until the last month of your confirmed term.

How will the proceeds of the Resale Value Guarantee be applied?

Once you exercise the Resale Value Guarantee, the proceeds must be first applied towards any outstanding balance on your financing contract. If, after payment of the Resale Value Guarantee to the financing company, an amount remains outstanding on your financing contract, you will be required to pay this outstanding amount in accordance with your financing contract using your own funds. If the proceeds from the Resale Value Guarantee are in excess of the amount required to pay the outstanding balance under your financing contract to the financing company, then Tesla will pay the excess amount to you.

What are the stipulations (fine print) for a loan contract?

To qualify for the Resale Value Guarantee, you must finance a minimum of 60% of the vehicle (on approved credit) for a term between 36 and 60 months. To exercise the Resale Value Guarantee, the loan must remain open and in good standing for the full duration of the loan contract. Please see the Resale Value Guarantee terms and conditions for further details on the program.

What are the mileage limitations on the Resale Value Guarantee?

The Resale Value Guarantee is available for a period of 36 to 60 months and an annual mileage of 15,000 to 25,000 km.  You can choose the mileage and term that best fit your life.  The Resale Value Guarantee can allow for a maximum of up to 125,000 kilometers over 60 months, with a $0.50 excess charge (inclusive of GST) for each kilometer over your chosen mileage allowance.

How do you adjust for any excess wear and tear on my Tesla vehicle?

Tesla will perform an inspection and adjust the Resale Value Guarantee amount if we identify abnormal wear and tear or damage.

When can I return my Tesla vehicle?

You must bring your vehicle in to an authorized Tesla Service Centre for inspection during the last month of your term (36th, 48th, or 60th month) and return your vehicle to Tesla at any time during the month following the end of your RVG contract term (37th, 49th, or 61st month) to obtain the guaranteed amount.

Is the Resale Value Guarantee transferable if I sell my car?

The Resale Value Guarantee is an agreement between Tesla and the original registered owner only and may not be transferred to a second owner. 

Which finance partners are eligible for the Resale Value Guarantee?

Tesla offers the Resale Value Guarantee with a loan from Macquarie Leasing.

Are existing Tesla-financed customers eligible for the Resale Value Guarantee program?

The Resale Value Guarantee program cannot be retroactively applied to owners who have already taken delivery of their vehicle.

Where can I find my Tesla Resale Value Guarantee?

Your Resale Value Guarantee will be uploaded to your MyTesla account shortly after the delivery of your vehicle.


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