Performance and safety refined

Model S is designed from the ground up to be the safest, most exhilarating saloon on the road. With unparalleled performance delivered through Tesla’s unique, all-electric powertrain, Model S accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 2.8 seconds. Model S comes with Autopilot capabilities designed to make your highway driving not only safer, but stress free.

Adaptive Lighting

Model S now features full LED adaptive headlamps. Besides enhancing the already great styling, they also boost safety: 14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights improve visibility at night, especially on winding roads.

Bio-Weapon Defense Mode

Model S now features a Medical grade HEPA air filtration system, which removes at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air. The bioweapon defense mode creates positive pressure inside the cabin to protect occupants.

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Autopilot allows Model S to steer within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by using active, traffic-aware cruise control. Digital control of motors, brakes, and steering helps avoid collisions from the front and sides, as well as preventing the car from wandering off the road. Model S can also scan for a parking space, alert you when one is available, and parallel park on command.

Autopilot features are progressively enabled over time with software updates.

Automatic steering with traffic aware cruise control

Active sensors combined with GPS and high resolution digital maps comprise a mutually reinforcing system that pilots Model S along the highway, staying within your lane, even in stop and go traffic. Real time feedback from the Tesla fleet ensures the system is continually learning and improving upon itself.


A double tap of the cruise control lever and Model S pilots itself within a lane.

Lane Change

Changes lanes with a simple tap of the turn signal.


Scans for a parking space and self parks on command.

Electric All-Wheel Drive

Dual Motor Model S is a categorical improvement on conventional all-wheel drive systems. With two motors, one in the front and one in the rear, Model S digitally and independently controls torque to the front and rear wheels. The result is unparalleled traction control in all conditions.

Conventional all-wheel drive cars employ complex mechanical linkages to distribute power from a single engine to all four wheels. This sacrifices efficiency in favor of all weather traction. In contrast, each Model S motor is lighter, smaller and more efficient than its rear wheel drive counterpart, providing both improved range and faster acceleration.

Model S Performance comes standard with All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor, pairing the high performance rear motor with a high efficiency front motor to achieve supercar acceleration, from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds.

Built around the driver

Model S is a driver's car. The cabin combines meticulous noise engineering with Tesla's uniquely quiet powertrain to obtain the sound dynamics of a recording studio. The gem of the interior is the 17 inch touchscreen, which is angled toward the driver and includes both day and night modes for better visibility without distraction. It puts rich content at your fingertips and provides mobile connectivity so you can easily find your destination, favourite song, or a new restaurant.

The touchscreen

The Model S 17 inch touchscreen controls most of the car's functions. Opening the all glass panoramic roof, customising the automatic climate control, and changing the radio station all happen with a swipe or a touch. The touchscreen, digital instrument cluster, and steering wheel controls seamlessly integrate media, navigation, communications, cabin controls and vehicle data.

  • Media AM/FM radio, online radio, on-demand Internet radio, Bluetooth®, and USB audio devices
  • Controls Driving personalisation, climate controls, and cabin controls
  • Camera High definition backup camera, optimised for visibility and safety
  • Calendar Calendar synchronisation for daily schedule and tap to navigate
  • Map Simple, intuitive Google Maps™ with real time traffic information
  • Navigation Smart routing that adjusts for real time traffic conditions
  • Energy Real time energy consumption and range estimation
  • Phone Bluetooth-enabled, voice controlled handsfree phone system

Model S periodically receives over the air software updates that add new features and refresh the touchscreen look and feel.


Model S is designed from the ground up to be the safest car on the road. Much of its safety is owed to the unique electric drivetrain that sits beneath the car’s aluminium occupant cell in its own subframe. This unique positioning both lowers the car’s centre of gravity, which improves handling and minimises rollover risk, and replaces the heavy engine block with impact absorbing boron steel rails.

Side impacts are met by aluminium pillars reinforced with steel rails to reduce intrusion, protecting occupants and the battery pack while improving roof stiffness. In the event of an accident, eight airbags protect front and rear occupants, and the high voltage power source is automatically disconnected.

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Every Model S includes free long distance travel using Tesla's Supercharger network and an eight year, infinite mile battery and drive warranty.




All-Wheel Drive
All-Wheel Drive All-Wheel Drive
Show rear wheel drive specs

* Battery limited maximum motor shaft power

Model S Performance base option acceleration ratings follow Motor Trend's test procedure of subtracting the first foot rollout time to represent drag strip performance.

Range 316 miles (NEDC) 346 miles (NEDC) 292 miles (NEDC)
304 miles with 75 kWh upgrade
Acceleration 2.8 seconds 0-60 mph (Ludicrous)
3.1 seconds 0-60 mph
4.2 seconds 0-60 mph 5.2 seconds 0-60 mph
Torque 713 lb-ft 485 lb-ft 387 lb-ft
Top Speed 155 mph 155 mph 140 mph
Motor Power 503 hp rear, 259 hp front 259 hp front and rear 259 hp front and rear
532 hp (Ludicrous) *
463 hp *
417 hp * 328 hp *

Range Per Charge






Outside Temperature




Width 2187 mm
With mirrors folded 1964 mm
144 mm
Air suspension
120 mm - 163 mm
Front 1662 mm
Rear 1700 mm
Length 4970 mm
Wheelbase 2960 mm
Charge port
Width 2187 mm
With mirrors folded 1964 mm
144 mm
Air suspension
120 mm - 163 mm
Front 1662 mm
Rear 1700 mm
Length 4970 mm
Wheelbase 2960 mm
Charge port


  • 11 kW capable on-board charger (1-phase 32A, 3-phase 16A)
  • Available - 16.5 kW capable High Power Charger Upgrade (1-phase 48A, 3-phase 24A)
  • Universal Mobile Connector with 7.4 kW capable blue industrial adapter (230V, 32A) and 2.3 kW capable UK 3-pin domestic adapter (230V, 10A)
  • Free long distance travel using Tesla's Supercharger network


  • 17" capacitive touchscreen with digital instrument cluster
  • Onboard maps and navigation with free updates for 7 years
  • Automatic keyless entry
  • WiFi and Internet connectivity
  • Mobile app remote control
  • Automatic LED headlights
  • Retracting door handles
  • One touch power windows
  • High definition backup camera
  • Rain sensing automatic windshield wipers
  • Hands free talking with Bluetooth
  • Voice activated controls
  • AM/FM/DAB+ and Internet streaming radio
  • Available Ultra High Fidelity Sound package
  • Electrochromatic mirrors
  • Power folding, heated side mirrors with memory
  • Two USB ports for media and power
  • 12 volt power outlet
  • Twelve way power adjustable, heated front seats with memory and driver profile
  • Available subzero weather package with heated rear seats and wiper blade and windshield washer fluid defrosters
  • Front trunk (no engine!), rear trunk, and 60/40 folding rear seats with 894 liters of storage


  • Daytime running lights
  • Available Smart Air Suspension for raising and lowering ride height
  • Six airbags: head and pelvis airbags in the front plus two side curtain airbags
  • Electronic stability and traction control
  • Four wheel antilock disc brakes with electronic parking brake
  • Front and side collision avoidance
  • Blind spot warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Parking sensors
  • Speed limit display
  • Three second row ISOFIX attachments for child seat installations (accommodates three child seats simultaneously: two with ISOFIX and one with top tether and belt)
  • Tyres Information

Autopilot Convenience Features add

  • Automatic steering
  • Traffic-aware cruise control
  • Automatic lane centering and changing
  • Parking space detection
  • Self parallel parking
  • Automatic high/low beam headlights

Premium Upgrades adds

  • Fit and finish refinements, including the use of higher quality materials and ambient lighting
  • HEPA air filtration system
  • Three-position dynamic LED turning lights
  • LED fog lights
  • Power liftgate
  • Lighted door handles
  • Interior accent lighting