Enhancing Safety and Convenience with Summon

Early this year, Tesla 7.1 software introduced an array of new Autopilot features to further enhance the convenience and safety of the driving experience. While many of these features move the ball forward toward a safer autonomous future, none is more significant than the remote parking technology known as Summon.

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Summon Your Tesla from Your Phone

Last Fall, Tesla Version 7.0 software introduced a range of new Autopilot active safety and convenience features to give you more confidence behind the wheel, increase your safety on the road, and make highway driving more enjoyable. The release of Tesla Version 7.1 software continues our improvements to self-driving technology. This release expands Autopilot functionality and introduces the first iteration of Summon.

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Din autopilot har kommit

Teslas engagemang i utveckling och finslipning av tekniken för självkörande är en central del i vår målsättning. I oktober förra året började vi förse Model S med maskinvara för att gradvis kunna introducera teknik för självkörande: framåtriktad radar, framåtriktad kamera, 12 ultraljudssensorer med lång räckvidd placerade så att de känner av ett område på 4,9 meter runt bilen i alla riktningar och hastigheter, samt ett digitalt styrt högprecisionssystem för elassisterad bromsning. Med Teslas aktuella programvaruversion 7.0 kan dessa verktyg tillhandahålla en rad nya aktiva funktioner för säkerhet och bekvämlighet, utformade för att fungera tillsammans med de funktioner för automatiserad körning som Model S redan erbjuder. 

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Journalists Trespass, Assault Tesla employees at the Gigafactory

Last Friday at approximately 11:50 am, a Tesla safety manager received a complaint about two trespassers taking pictures at the Gigafactory. The Tesla employee requested assistance and the Storey County Sheriff’s department was alerted. 

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Tesla All Wheel Drive (Dual Motor) Power and Torque Specifications

Attempting to directly correlate horsepower ratings in petroleum burning vehicles to horsepower in an electric vehicle is a difficult challenge. The physics of an electric vehicle propulsion system are very different from a gasoline one. In an EV, electrochemical reactions in the lithium ion cells create electricity. That electricity flows through power electronics that control the voltage and current, then it flows to electromagnets in the motor that create powerful magnetic fields rotating the shaft to turn the wheels. The power required to rotate this shaft has the most correlation to traditional measures of horsepower. However, the chain actually begins in the electrochemical reactions that happen in the battery pack. Depending on the battery's temperature, state of charge and age, the amount of electricity extracted can vary widely.

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Introducing the All-Wheel Drive Model S 70D

Today, we are introducing the Model S 70D, an all-wheel drive electric car with a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds and a 240 mile range at 65 mph.

Even at a starting price of $75k, the Model S 70D offers a broad and compelling set of features. Moreover, when one factors in the cost advantages over an internal combustion engine vehicle, including fuel savings and incentives, the actual cost of owning Model S 70D comes to about $55k over five years (the average length of new car ownership).

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Model S Has You Covered

Most cars don't improve over time. By contrast, Model S gets faster, smarter, and better as time passes. With Tesla's regular over-the-air software updates, Model S actually improves while you sleep. When you wake up, added functionality, enhanced performance, and improved user experience make you feel like you are driving a new car. We want to improve cars in ways most people didn't imagine possible.

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En garanti för att inte oroa sig

Förra veckan utnämndes Model S till Årets Tjänstebil av den svenska tidningen Tjänstebilen. Vi ser att många Europeiska förare föredrar att leasa sina bilar, personligen eller via deras företag, så nu introducerar vi Teslas återköpsgaranti i alla 11 europeiska marknader där vi säljer Model S.

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2,000 Superchargers

Last week Tesla reached a milestone of 2,000 Superchargers worldwide, located at almost 400 Supercharger Stations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Tesla Superchargers enable free long distance electric driving across the United States, and up and down the West and East Coasts. They connect the United Kingdom to continental Europe and stretch from the south of France to northern Norway, far up into the Arctic Circle. In China, Superchargers link major cities along the coast, and we recently opened Supercharger stations in Japan and Australia.

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Roadster Road Trip Update: San Jose to Los Angeles on a Single Charge

The Roadster 3.0 package applies what we've learned from Model S to Roadster. No new Model S battery pack or major range upgrade is expected in the near term.

On the one-year anniversary of Tesla’s Cross Country Rally, we set out to drive non-stop from San Jose to Los Angeles on a single charge in a prototype of the Roadster 3.0 upgrade.

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